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Agrotechnics Of Natural Agriculture (APZ) - 1
Agrotechnics Of Natural Agriculture (APZ) - 1

Video: Agrotechnics Of Natural Agriculture (APZ) - 1

Video: Agrotechnics Of Natural Agriculture (APZ) - 1
Video: The Weed Free Farm and Garden - Part One 2023, December

Secret first

Many summer residents, gardeners and gardeners constantly complain about crop failure due to "bad soil": if there would be black soil, then … And so - no matter how much you fertilize, dig, or loosen, there is still little sense: the earth is solid like a sole by autumn, and the harvests are not growing. Surprisingly, back in the 17th century, Jan Baptist Van Helmont had a very instructive experience. He planted a willow branch in a large pot, after drying and weighing the earth. For 5 years, the branch was watered only with rainwater and gained weight from 2.35 kg to 68 kg, while, to everyone's amazement, the weight of the earth decreased from 80 kg to only … 79.944 kg. That is, the willow, having recovered in 5 years by 65 kg, used only 56 grams for her nutrition from the ground. It's just a miracle, isn't it? However, Helmont's experience was repeated more than one hundred times by both scientists and ordinary people,and each of you can easily repeat it. By the way, a monument to Van Helmont was erected in Brussels for this experience.

About 400 years have passed, the 21st century is in the yard, and we are still looking for the "secrets of fertility", apparently, in the wrong place. Millions of tons of mineral fertilizers and hundreds of tons of pesticides annually applied to the fields do not produce, and now it has become clear that they cannot give a tangible result. Crops do not grow, fertility is falling, soils are degrading, mineral fertilizers and pesticides are increasingly polluting the surrounding nature. It got to the point that drinking water is sold in bottles, who would have thought about it 20 years ago, and if this continues, then soon you will have to buy clean air for breathing.

Most gardeners and gardeners are still looking for the secret of fertility ONLY in the ground and often do not even suspect that the main food of plants is carbon dioxide (50%). For comparison: nitrogen accounts for 15% in the diet of plants, while phosphorus, potassium and all other macro-microelements extracted by roots from the earth make up only 7%. It is carbon dioxide, as well as water and sunlight, that are necessary for the formation of organic matter in the process of such a unique phenomenon as photosynthesis, which occurs in the leaves of plants. Hence the conclusion - create better conditions for photosynthesis, and you will get more harvest. And what kind of conditions are these? First of all, this is illumination: each plant must be provided with a "place in the sun". We do not have the ability to control the sun,but everyone can arrange our plants for better sunlight.

It is unbelievable, but a fact - a rational reduction of plantings by 3 times does not reduce, but also increases the yield by 2-3 times. That is, the efficiency of work is already increasing 6-9 times. Is that possible? Of course, it is possible, if the beds are shaded and narrow (half a meter), directed from north to south, to plant on them in two lines (so that each plant is extreme), and the passages are made wide (about a meter). It is this arrangement of the beds that creates the best conditions for photosynthesis. Wide passages and rare plantings not only increase the illumination, but also, due to the greater air exchange, significantly improve the conditions for the main (air-carbon) nutrition of plants. Something here is all about photosynthesis, air exchange and the location of plants, but what about the EARTH, what, it doesn't matter at all? Indeed, from his practice, any sufficiently experienced gardener will say,that oh how much depends on the earth. And he will be right in many ways. Because creating the conditions for air-carbon nutrition is only the FIRST SECRET OF FERTILITY.

Second secret

The SECOND SECRET is obviously hidden in the ground, as a huge part of gardeners and truck farmers thinks. However, as practice shows, most of them do not know what this secret is. Hence, the main mistakes arise, both in tillage in order to improve the conditions for the development of plants, and in fertilization in order to increase yields and increase fertility, inherent in today's (traditional) agricultural technology.

Both secrets of fertility are taken into account by modern AGROTECHNICS OF NATURAL AGRICULTURE (APZ), which allows you to work 2-3 times less and get 2-3 times larger yields without any chemistry and with a simultaneous increase in soil fertility.

We will talk about the SECOND SECRET and APZ in the next issue, but for now, for reflection, "a question for filling": did you know that 1 gram of soil not poisoned by chemistry contains from a million to a billion microorganisms ?!

Good luck, friends.