Agrotechnics Of Natural Farming - APZ
Agrotechnics Of Natural Farming - APZ

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The tomatoes are ripe
The tomatoes are ripe

It is easy to imagine such pictures:

Spring. The gentle spring sun warms up, beckons to warm up, sunbathe, and maybe open the bathing season. But there is no time: you have to dig, plant, water and fertilize - after all, the spring day feeds the year. Summer. It's hot, the sun bakes, and it's impossible to do anything. But how pleasant it is to swim in warm water and lie on the beach with friends … But if you do not water, loosen, weed, then the entire crop will die.

Fall. Harvest time. And he seemed to be doing everything right, and worked tirelessly, and the joy was not great: tomatoes and potatoes - sheer blight, cabbage - all in holes, apples - one scab, and weeds filled everything, as if they hadn't weeded them at all.

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Such pictures are familiar to many. Some are looking for the cause in bad, degenerating soil and are applying more and more expensive mineral fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Others, spitting on everything, sow lawns and grill kebabs, and buy vegetables and fruits in the store. And it is simpler and cheaper, but these vegetables are unlikely to be useful and biologically valuable in most cases.

However, according to rumors, there are gardeners who do not work almost on the plot, do not dig, do not weed, do not loosen, almost do not water, and do not appear on the plot every weekend, and all of them are "so ready", and the harvest! In general, the "cock's word" is known. What is this word? This is a well-forgotten and modernized agrotechnics of natural (organic) farming (ALA).

It is unbelievable, but true: a rational reduction of plantings by three times does not reduce, but increases the yield also three times. That is, the work efficiency is already increasing 9 times. Is that possible?

The secret of APZ lies in the fact that it is based on the knowledge and use of the laws of nutrition and development of plants in nature. Most gardeners and gardeners are looking for the secret of fertility in the ground and often do not even suspect that the main food of plants is carbon dioxide (50%). It is he, as well as water and sunlight, which are necessary for the formation of organic matter in the process of such a unique phenomenon as photosynthesis, which occurs in the leaves of plants. Hence the conclusion - create better conditions for photosynthesis, and you will get more harvest.

The basic principle of the ATP is the minimum gentle tillage. The earth is not dug to the depth of a shovel bayonet, as in traditional agricultural techniques, but only loosened with a flat cutter to a depth of 5-7 cm. Working with a flat cutter does not require much physical exertion, and a straight back relieves pain in the lower back, as well as increased pressure. Such work is available not only to retirees, but even to disabled people.

Surface tillage without turning the layer preserves the conditions for the development of soil microflora (bacteria, microbes, worms, etc.). Over the course of evolution, it turned out that it is these "natural farmers", according to scientists, who loosen and fertilize the earth, and also, decomposing organic residues, play a crucial role in creating soil fertility.

The modern APZ does not just copy nature, but, using the latest scientific achievements and accumulated experience, helps it. So, using modern complex microbiological preparations, you can get a good harvest in a short time and at the same time increase the fertility of the land. This today does not require labor-intensive distribution of manure or compost throughout the site, it is best to prepare compost directly on the beds, because all gardeners will agree that vegetables are "just like a twig" on the compost heap, where a lot of heat, nutritious minerals elements, and most importantly - a lot of carbon dioxide.

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If everything is so good (less work, higher harvest, better health), then why do most of us not only not use, but have not even heard of such agricultural technology?

The fact is that many have not heard, let alone seen anything like this, because more and more people are talking about mineralization, chemicalization and mechanization of agricultural labor on TV screens and pages of magazines.

And the producers of all this "chemistry" do not see or, rather, do not want to see that with the use of traditional agricultural technology, the number of fertile lands rich in humus decreases annually, and the ecological situation is getting worse and worse. There is practically no clean air, let alone water. Allergies and diathesis in today's children are commonplace.

Remember, dear gardeners and gardeners, that your health and the health of your children and grandchildren also depend on you and me, because 30% depends on what we eat, what we drink and what we breathe. Therefore, before using mineral fertilizers or chemicals to protect plants from pests and diseases, think about your health and the health of your loved ones, and also take an interest in the agricultural technology of natural agriculture, which involves the use of only environmentally friendly biological products and, as a result, allows you to obtain a high biologically valuable harvest.

I am sure you will not regret it. Until next time, dear friends!

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