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Agrotechnics Of Conveyor Growing Tomatoes
Agrotechnics Of Conveyor Growing Tomatoes

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Experience of conveyor growing tomatoes in the room and in the beds

conveyor growing of tomatoes
conveyor growing of tomatoes

I tested ten varieties of tomatoes. But for cultivation I selected only five varieties with fruits of 80-100 g. These varieties are adapted to a small feeding area and low illumination, therefore they are suitable for growing in room conditions.

At the same time, the bushes of these tomatoes do not stretch and give a good harvest. Of course, these varieties fully manifest their potential in the open field: the plants are completely covered with fruits, and their yield per square meter is higher than that of traditional varieties. In open ground, 12-15 plants are placed on one square meter. At the same time, the plants form a thick stem and a powerful root system. In addition, they are more resistant to disease and cold temperatures.

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Caring for them is extremely simple: they do not need to be tied up or pinned, and if there is a threat of frost, low bushes (35-40 cm) can be easily covered with foil. All these circumstances make it possible to successfully grow these varieties of tomatoes even for novice gardeners.

The completely unusual experience of using indoor tomatoes deserves special attention. It is described in the "Handbook of Tomatoes" by DG Terentyev, a biologist, a specialist in plant physiology and a tireless experimenter (Ukraine, Donetsk). Denis Grigorievich uses the tomato plant not only to obtain vegetable products, but also as a mother plant for obtaining seedlings. To this end, he breaks out part of the stepsons and uses them as cuttings, followed by rooting and getting seedlings.

It is known that seedlings obtained from seeds for a long time, as botanists say, are in the juvenile phase, in which flowering and fruiting is impossible. A stalk cut from an adult fruiting plant, as it were, inherits the age of the mother plant and immediately after rooting begins to grow and bear fruit intensively. Cuttings with already developed flower buds enter the flowering and fruiting phase especially quickly. Such cuttings usually bloom 5-10 days after rooting. This technique guarantees an early harvest of tomatoes in the open field.

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DG Terentyev sows seeds of indoor tomatoes in August-September. The first fruits ripen in December. Further flowering and fruiting goes on continuously. On cuttings, he cuts off part of the stepsons, the rest remain on the mother plant, which is also planted in open ground. Cuttings should be 5-7 cm long, preferably with bud buds. The cuttings take root in the water. Usually roots appear in 5-7 days, their ideal length is 0.2-1 cm.

conveyor growing of tomatoes
conveyor growing of tomatoes

Rooted plants are planted in mid-April under film shelters. Thus, throughout the year, fresh tomatoes can be obtained from the same plants: first from plants growing in the room, then from them and their cuttings planted under film shelters, and after removing shelters - in open ground.

Moreover, before the onset of autumn frosts, daughter fruiting plants can be carefully dug up, transplanted into containers and transferred to the room. Now daughter plants can be used not only for obtaining fruits, but also as mother plants for obtaining and rooting cuttings. And this already makes it possible to get superearly harvests of tomatoes in room culture. And so you can go on and on. That is, once sowing the seeds of indoor tomatoes, you start a kind of continuous tomato conveyor.

I will send seeds to those wishing to grow such tomatoes. When applying, please send a signed envelope. My address: 658421, Altai Territory, Loktevsky District, Gornyak-1, st. Ostrovsky, 29 - Popenko Valery Dmitrievich. E-mail: [email protected]

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