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Samson Sweet Pepper From Israel
Samson Sweet Pepper From Israel

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Israeli "sun"

Samson Bell Pepper
Samson Bell Pepper

I have tested over a hundred varieties of vegetable sweet pepper. There are good old varieties such as Health and Californian Miracle, there are newer ones, such as Tikhonovsky, Dobrynya, but few really impress.

Of course, there is no dispute about tastes, but who would not like a pepper fruit 25-30 cm long, golden yellow, orange when fully ripe, with a wall thickness of 0.7 cm and a weight of 400 g. Moreover, it is practically seedless. And the few that form inside the peppers are very small. By the way, the American long tomato also has very few seeds.

Any other sort of sweet pepper can only "dream" of such consumer properties. It is not for nothing that he is called Samson, which in Hebrew means "sun", and the truth is, what can please us more than the sun?

Samson also missed our short summer in the early years. However, some of the fruits still had time to ripen. Experienced vegetable growers know: in order to get pepper seeds, it is necessary to grow its fruits to the stage of technical ripeness, that is, to a certain size, which gives the fruit the opportunity to ripen in maturation.

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As a rule, technical ripeness occurs at the moment the color changes - yellowing or reddening. It was possible to get an increasing harvest of Samson peppers from year to year thanks to the selection of the best plants and their seeds for further reproduction.

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Samson succeeds well when grown in an arbitrary shape without pinching - the bushes grow no higher than 1 meter. Cultivation in one stem with compacted plantings in a greenhouse (at a distance of 25 cm in the line), when the plants grow more than 2 meters, will also bring pleasure. Long fruits weighing up to 400 g create their own fairy tale, in which you, as a child, feel that you are in the land of giants. Any person who has ever planted a plant is able to write such a fairy tale, if he loves to work on the earth and has common sense.

I send vegetable growers seeds of Vigna asparagus beans with pods up to 1 m, lagenari-zucchini up to 2 m, a jug, bottle and flask, Samson pepper - 30 cm long, American long tomato, melotria rough, flowers and medicinal plants. And also seedlings of frost-resistant grapes, apple trees, pears, etc.

Send an envelope from PO: 140180, Moscow Region, Zhukovsky, PO Box 135, Petrov Yu.V

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