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Weather Resistant Tomato And Potato Varieties
Weather Resistant Tomato And Potato Varieties

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tomato varieties
tomato varieties

Interesting varieties of tomatoes

Last year's tomato season in the southern regions of our country was darkened in early summer by cold rains, which later led to the most dangerous disease of these plants - late blight. This disease develops with sudden changes in night and day temperatures and with heavy rains.

Sprays with Bordeaux liquid and the usually excellent organic preparation phytosporin were powerless this time over the disease. Almost all plants were covered with a gray-brown bloom during flowering. Then the ovaries began to dry up and mercilessly fall off. Recalling all the possible resuscitation methods, in addition to the drugs mentioned above, I resorted to chemical protection, but no improvement was observed. There was still hope for a copper wire, with which he pierced the stem of each plant, but this laborious process was also not crowned with success.

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Life has taught me that from year to year I grow seedlings with a reserve. So this time, at the beginning of July, I replaced about 500 tomato bushes. And at the end of July he left for a vacation at sea, deciding: come what may. For two weeks he left his plants without watering and any protection. When I returned home, I found most of the plants in a deplorable state. I asked: how are the neighbors doing? And I saw that only those summer residents who had at least some shelter from the rain over the tomatoes had a good result. Still, the advantages of greenhouses and greenhouses are obvious. It turns out that in recent years, weather conditions have called into question the cultivation of vegetables in the open field, even in our country. Previously, the south of Russia was famous for its huge harvests of vegetables and berries. And now a lot is being brought from abroad.

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How can you stay true to your gardening business and not give up your gardening addictions? I believe that the best way out is to build or install greenhouses from new modern materials.

Returning again to tomatoes, I want to note that in any failure one must also look for positive moments. Only a few varieties were able to survive this unsuccessful summer, I will name them. Struck, like a year ago, a Chilean variety called

Blue Tomato and its fellow carp

Blue Frost… Not only did diseases bypass them, but exotic dark blue fruits weighing 150 g were in abundance. For many years I have been growing tomatoes, but I have not yet met such tomatoes. By correspondence and exchange, they sent me seeds of the Blue Tomato or Blue Tomato varieties. This plant comes from Bulgaria. Many color schemes have come across to me while working with tomatoes. I was confident that these fruits would be similar to dark colored varieties such as Gypsy, Black Prince, Cuban Purple or De Barao Black, but they exceeded expectations.

Seedlings of "Blue Tomato" immediately differed in their appearance - the lower leaves were purple - as is the case with ordinary seedlings, when there are sudden changes in temperature during the day and at night. His plants are quite strong, it does not get sick. In early May, I planted the seedlings in open ground. Flowering and fruit set began immediately after early ripening varieties. Plant height 1-1.2 m, this is a determinant type. The lower leaves remained purple throughout the season. Fruit laying after light pinching began after 3-4 leaves. Up to 6 fruits have formed in the brush. At the stage of biological ripeness, they really turned out to be dark blue. The fruit of this variety is standard, no more than 200 g, the tomatoes are dense, but at the same time juicy and multi-chamber. Taste qualities, in my opinion, are quite high,these tomatoes are sweet and sour. The average yield of one plant is 3-5 kg ​​per bush.

In my collection there are also varieties:

Large Liana, Kupige (Japanese tree),

Tomato-tree, Italian tree and

Sea-tomato, which give up to 15-20 kg per bush, so there is something to compare with. But I was also pleased with the Blue tomato variety, I will grow it in the coming years. Anyone who wants to have his seeds, write.

The tall variety Pantomat did not fall ill last summer and became the most productiv

. The abundance of fruits weighing 150-200 g that grew on it could not stand any support. The bush collapsed, as a result, the crop had to be harvested directly from the ground.

An excellent result was shown by the Pyaterochka variet

- amazing, not sick, strong variety. On one bush, he formed up to 100 tomatoes weighing 200 g, its fruits are dense, juicy and ripen consistently. But for plants of this variety, a solid support is required.

I have been growing a large-fruited Apollo variety for a long tim

. Let's just say - he never occupied a leading position, but in 2013 he withstood diseases, and his pink fruits weighing more than half a kilogram delighted him in such a lean summer.

In addition to the named varieties, there are about 1000 varieties of tomatoes in my collection - for any color and size. There is also a selection of cucumbers and peppers. You can see photos of my tomatoes in the social network "My World" on the page [email protected], but for this you must be registered there.

Interesting potato varieties

Unlike tomatoes, this year was fruitful for potatoes. I pay great attention to updating the planting material, trying to acquire the most productive varieties, for example, those that give 30 potatoes from one small nodule by the fall. The variety Gamaisky hit amazed and surprised - a late variet

, unsurpassed in yield and mass of tubers. Each plant has formed up to 30 pieces of pink-red tubers weighing 300 g each. Its strong, tall bush is so powerful that even the Colorado potato beetle could not do much harm. When planting this variety, the tuber will have to be cut into 4-6 parts.

I would also like to mention the recently acquired early variety

Ksenia Peterburgskayawhich I received from the Krasnoyarsk Territory. There were only five small nodules for planting, smaller than a chicken egg. But when he started digging the crop, there was no limit to joy. Each hole contained at least 33 pieces of tubers of different fractions. There were also large potatoes of 300 g, and a trifle. The color of the tuber is beige, it is roundly elongated. The bush of this plant is high, more than a meter, but after flowering, it spreads on the ground, not giving the weeds any chance to grow. The bushes of this variety also did not arouse any interest in the Colorado potato beetle.

An outstanding result was in the past season in the early maturing potato cultivar

Toha-Tartokh… From each bush, I received 45 pieces of oval tubers with a red peel weighing a little over 100 g! It has shown resistance to drought, while its tubers are excellently stored, which is an advantage over many other varieties.

I want to tell all gardeners: draw conclusions from your mistakes and do not try to repeat them!

I will send everyone a free catalog with a detailed description of varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, raspberries, strawberries. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope to reply. Write to: Kostenko Igor Viktorovich - 356240, Stavropol Territory, Mikhailovsk, st. Konstantinov, 4/2.

Igor Kostenko, experienced gardener

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