Ellan - Early Ripening And Cold-resistant Salad Onion Variety
Ellan - Early Ripening And Cold-resistant Salad Onion Variety

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Ellan onion
Ellan onion

In the old days there was such a custom - a man walked in front of the wedding procession carrying a huge wreath of onions - a symbol of the well-being of the newly created family. A wreath was worn around the neck, and large golden-yellow bulbs, tied in a plait, sparkled in the sun like a precious necklace, and rustled with their special rustle.

Why onions? It is believed that family happiness rests on three pillars: love, health and strength. The bow has nothing to do with love, the young have it even without it. But it is the bow that gives health and strength. Remember the popular wisdom - "Onion - from seven ailments." Is it only from seven? Such a familiar bow to all is capable of curing many diseases. And the most common of them is the common cold!

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And where does the force, you ask? Let's turn to the era of the Hellenes. They were the first to notice the ability of the bow to give strength. Horses and … gladiators were fed with bows. The bow gave them muscle strength, so they tried to feed them with onions before the competition. And in our time of TVs, computers, the bow has not lost its relevance. Many people know dryness in the eyes, as if sand had been poured into them. This is due to lack of lubrication. And to help cope with this inconvenience will help … yes, all the same bow. “Whoever undresses him sheds tears” - this is how the bow will help to cope with dry eyes.

And this is just a small part of the benefits that the bow can bring to us. 70 grams of green onions fully satisfy the body's daily need for ascorbic acid. There is a lot of iron in it. And today the content of quertecin in onions, a powerful anti-cancer element, is in the first place in value. Here is a seemingly familiar bow.

People have been growing onions for over four millennia. His images were also found on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids. And today, on any, even the smallest site, there is always a place for this glorious vegetable. There are 228 different types of onions in nature. However, only 12 are cultivated in culture. Most often, gardeners grow onions on their plots. It got its name from the shape of the bulb, similar to a turnip. Onions are spicy, semi-sharp and sweet. They are also divided into early, mid-season and late-season. The most popular are the spicy varieties.

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Onions have a large number of dense integumentary scales, and this contributes to its long-term storage: varieties Asgen, Brunsvik, Dmitrievsky, Ernak, Kasatik, Karatavsky, Odintsovets, Penguin are stored for 8-10 months. Peninsular, not very long-stored varieties include - Danilovsky, Myagkovsky, Silver Prince; they usually start to sprout by the New Year.

Ellan onion
Ellan onion

Sweet varieties of onions (also called salad ones) are more thermophilic, but they are quicker. So far, in our country, the undisputed leader in early maturity of bulbs grown both from seeds and from seedlings is the winter sweet variety Ellan. It is a salad sweet onion with white thick and soft scales. I love this onion very much and I always grow it as it has the greatest nutritional value because it contains more carotene.

It can be grown from seed in one year, or through a set in a two-year culture. Sevok is planted with winter garlic in early October, it winters well and grows back quickly in early spring. I prepare the land for planting onions in advance, I add compost, mineral fertilizers.

Onion manure is "not a friend", but he uses it well after introduction under the crop-predecessor. The onion has a small root system, so the soil should be fertile and loose; I always dig it deeply and thoroughly. The Ellan variety is cold-resistant, its seeds germinate at a temperature of 1 … 2 ° C. Seedlings of this onion tolerate short-term frosts down to - 2 ° С. It is advisable to cover the bulbs planted in autumn with dry peat, leaves or shavings, which must then be shaved off in spring. The Ellan variety, planted in autumn with sevka, produces large yellow bulbs weighing up to 400 grams, but a turnip planted in spring will turn out to be half as small.

Many of my neighbors complain that their onions are severely damaged by the onion fly. I deal with it with the help of table salt. But I carry out three treatments, since one does not give an effect, while gradually increasing the amount of salt per bucket of water. The first time I water the onion 20 days after the appearance of the feather. I prepare the solution at the rate of 3 tablespoons of salt per bucket of water, after 20 days I prepare a more concentrated solution - I already take 6 tablespoons of salt for a bucket of water, after another 20 days I prepare the solution from 10 tablespoons.

I remove the onion when most of the feather dries up. I keep the removed bow in braids, hanging it in the kitchen. Those wishing to grow the ultra-early ripening variety of onions Ellan, I can send seeds, wild oat set, and sample sets. I also have great varieties of winter garlic, shallots, spring garlic and many interesting garden seeds. I am sending the catalog for orders. I'm waiting for the envelope from the o / a. Write: Brizhan Valery Ivanovich - st. Kommunarov, 6, st. Chelbasskaya, Kanevskaya district, Krasnodar Territory, 353715.

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