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What Does The Color Of Roses Mean: Yellow, Red, White
What Does The Color Of Roses Mean: Yellow, Red, White

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How to understand the language of roses

rose tongue
rose tongue

Roses have been known for several centuries before our era. History claims that the rose became a symbol of love during the Victorian era. Since then, little has changed, they all also symbolize sincere feelings.

There are many types of roses. Because of this variety, a certain common language even appeared, now anyone can understand what the person who gave the bouquet wanted to say. For example, it is believed that if you buy yellow roses, like any other yellow flowers, then this purchase is a herald of separation. In fact, this is not so, in order to understand exactly what a person wanted to say with the help of a bouquet, you need to know the basics of the language.

Over time, new varieties constantly appeared, so the language suffered some changes. First of all, in order to understand the motives of the gift and the feelings of the giver, you need to pay attention to the color and number of flowers in the bouquet.

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For example, one flower symbolizes a declaration of love. Also in ancient times, there was a tradition to give along with a rose another, unopened white, which in this case symbolizes feelings for a girl who is still too young to continue the relationship. Now no one gives two flowers, but a white bud can be added to another bouquet, while maintaining the symbolism.

rose tongue
rose tongue

The tradition of giving an odd number of flowers was formed on the basis of religious motives. Bouquets of three, seven or twelve roses were considered the best. Over time, they stopped giving twelve flowers, since now it is customary to give only an odd number of flowers. However, more recently, twelve donated roses symbolized eternal love.

Roses are the most versatile flowers. With their help, you can convey almost any feeling, say "thank you" or ask for forgiveness. They are given for celebrations and for dates, and with their help they often want to pay tribute to the dead.

These flowers are unique - they never get bored and absolutely all people like them. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is better to know some of the basics of the language.

White roses are known to symbolize purity and innocence. The donor, choosing these flowers for a bouquet, usually means that the recipient, usually a girl, is practically a divine being. It is white roses that are given in honor of sincere love, they symbolize tenderness, trepidation of feelings and affection. They are the complete opposite of red, it is they who are most often given for a wedding, thereby expressing the desire to live your whole life in love and understanding.

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rose tongue
rose tongue

Red roses are also a symbol of love, but they express brighter, warmer feelings. Usually red roses are a symbol of real passion. Another purpose of red and scarlet roses is gratitude to a person, since these flowers are also a symbol of admiration and gratitude. If the bouquet contains white and red roses, then it shows the unity of both the souls of lovers and their bodies.

Many are interested in what yellow roses symbolize. This is not at all a desire to leave, rather yellow roses are an indicator of care on the part of the donor. Yellow is the color of activity and positiveness, so bouquets of yellow flowers can be presented to bosses, colleagues, and friends. Also, yellow roses are given to congratulate a loved one on any achievement. A bouquet of flowers the color of the sun after a quarrel means a desire to make peace.

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