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How To Master Six Acres
How To Master Six Acres

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Six acres and the romance of life

cabbage in the garden
cabbage in the garden

Last spring I took part in the competition and was among the winners, now I decided to try my hand again.

By last season, my husband made at my request a greenhouse-pyramid, a small one - the side of the base - 2.5 m and a height of 1.6 m, the base was raised from the ground by 0.6 m in order to better use the greenhouse space, I really wanted to try: is it true is it growing better there? I planted peppers and several tomato bushes in the greenhouse, and in our usual main greenhouse the same varieties of tomatoes grew, and I planted two pepper bushes there.

The year was not very successful, but still there was a difference, it really is. The same varieties, the same was the care, but late blight almost did not touch the tomato bushes in the pyramid, they turned green until the very frosts, however, the fruits did not ripen, they were removed green, they then reached home, did not turn black and did not rot. The pepper harvest was also better there.

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This year we will continue the experiment with cucumbers. And next to the greenhouse-pyramid, they laid a pyramid - a bed, where I would first sow radishes and greens, and after their harvesting, the pyramid will be decorated with remontant strawberries: white, yellow, red ampelous.

Last spring we bought a flat cutter for soil cultivation, small for weeding, small, "tulip", for working in a greenhouse. At first, my husband laughed at me and helped me in the beds with pitchforks. We hadn’t dug with a shovel for a long time in the spring, and when I tried it myself, by the next weekend I bought another flat cutter and all the neighbors went and campaigned to buy "such a poker" that digs itself. It's really easy, not playful, like in advertising, but much easier and faster. And hilling, and weeding, and cutting weeds in the aisles between the ridges, they are all fenced off with a croaker, - everything is done easier and with great pleasure.

In the fall, they laid a bed and planted black currant cuttings there in order to grow it according to the new technology proposed by B. Ageeva, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, that is, to form plants in 1-2 stems, and not a bush. We decided to try it, and suddenly it will be really good, but we only learned late about the method, it was necessary to plant in August, but the autumn was warm, maybe it will work out, we will update it in the spring, if something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, there were no big, record harvests last season. But I was pleased with the black currant - it was enough for jam, and for compote, and for wine. Many zucchini were born, presented to all neighbors and acquaintances, for some reason they did not grow up with them, but we ourselves still eat them.

country house
country house

I was pleased with the harvest of early cauliflower, excellent heads of cabbage grew - tasty, dense, the late Duro radish was a success - at the end of August it was of excellent quality, and the Autumn Giant variety was harvested after frosts in early October, and is still stored.

Three years ago, we covered the greenhouse with Stablen film and never took it off over the years. We left it for this winter, just recently we were on the site - it is intact. If anyone had said before, I would not have believed it, but the fact is fact, and all the neighbors followed our example. While our greenhouses are standing, ready for the season, and Korean chrysanthemums wintered in them, it was good for them there, and now the greens take their place there, and there is no need to waste time covering the film in spring, removing it in autumn, washing, drying. We also covered our pyramid with Stabilized.

And this year we want to make another one and plant three vines in it. Mikhail Viktorovich Soloviev on the pages of the magazine "Flora Price" so fascinated everyone with this culture, so convincingly spoke about agricultural technology, and most importantly, he showed that this work gives results, that I really wanted to taste my grapes.

And, of course, there are flowers on the site. We all love our flower beds, even if there is little exotic in them, but still beautiful and pleasant. Mallow, for example, we have grown up with a medium-sized apple tree and bloomed so amicably, beautifully, all passers-by admired.

The dahlias were very gorgeous, unfortunately, in the beginning of September the frost spoiled the picture. Peonies, various bells, delphiniums, roses, many annuals.

The curtain with beets and nasturtium of different varieties looked very original; beets grew much worse without nasturtium. I really wanted to grow kohija, but, unfortunately, it didn’t come out with "Northern Cypress", it didn’t grow more than half a meter, but sweet peas and sweet tobacco pleased me - it was a wonderful sight and the smell too.

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country cottage area
country cottage area

Three years ago (many probably remember this), when, as it were, many wonders were being sold from the "Khabarovsk Research Institute", I bought into a landowner. In the first year, something green and incomprehensible grew, not even remotely resembling strawberries. In the second year, large tall stems grew from it, on which bright yellow flowers with a delicate aroma began to appear, and they opened at dusk, the picture was amazing.

It turned out that this is a biennial plant - a primrose from the evening primrose family. I wanted to plant it for a long time, but I didn't come across seeds. And then suddenly it all happened. There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. All neighbors liked the flower, decorates any fence.

Simply put, a summer vacation is still romance! And if 20 years ago someone told me that I would be so passionate about this business, I would just laugh, the site was taken at the insistence of my husband. And now I’m already looking forward to the new season, in winter I’m thinking about the last year, analyzing mistakes, making new plans, and the family looks with suspicion - what next experiment will be offered to them. And despite all the difficulties and setbacks, "rest in the country" is great! After the working shift in the beds - a bath with a broom, and then - a blissful rest by the pond or fire, when the weather permits.

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