Preparing The Soil For Potatoes
Preparing The Soil For Potatoes
growing potatoes
growing potatoes

When the next autumn comes, gardeners usually begin to prepare the beds for the next season, dig up the ground, introducing manure, fertilizing and improving its quality, digging holes to plant trees, berry and ornamental shrubs in spring. Is it necessary to do all this? And if necessary, how?

Having dug up potatoes (I usually plant 10-15 kilograms of elite tubers purchased from the "Gardener's House"), now I never dig up the soil, but sow the entire area with crops that can make it healthier. Which one to choose specifically, you decide for yourself, because you know best what your soil needs.

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Now shops for gardeners have in their assortment many different crops, sowing which you can not only make your soil healthy, capable of producing good yields of vegetables, berries, and herbs every year. But the amicable shoots that appeared at the end of the season, for example, of winter rye, will also protect the soil during the rainy season from the leaching of nutrients and from corrosion, in this case playing the role of a ground cover crop..

When spring comes, I am in no hurry to dig the site again. Before planting the potatoes, I only need to loosen the topsoil with a hand cultivator, which takes very little time. Then I dig a hole, put a tuber there and add a tablespoon of ash. Next to the tuber, I put 1-2 sprouted legumes. Ash is a good organic potash fertilizer, and beans will be a good nitrogen fertilizer and at the same time can protect your crop from moles, which happen to be ready to eat this crop and ruin the appearance of the tuber.

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You ask, what about the weeds? After all, if you do not dig up the ground, then after planting potatoes, the entire array will quickly become overgrown with weeds. Nothing like this. As soon as the potatoes begin to sprout and you see the first shoots, many weeds will sprout at the same time, but they will be so small and weak that if you pick up a rake and slightly loosen the soil between the rows, the weeds will die. You don't even have to remove them, as they will be a useful addition to your soil. …

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