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Why Does The Bow Shoot
Why Does The Bow Shoot

Video: Why Does The Bow Shoot

Video: Why Does The Bow Shoot
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Causes of failures in growing onions

Bulb onions
Bulb onions

I, like, probably, and many other gardeners and gardeners, had to deal with such an unpleasant phenomenon as shooting onions, especially onion sets. It is clear that a darting bow is, one might say, an already rejected bow. Since, as a result of shooting, a full-fledged bulb is not formed. And all efforts to grow a normal onion went to waste. Why is this happening?

Shooting of plants (including onions) is the result of improper storage of planting material in winter (at a temperature of + 1 … + 15 ° С). Sevok with a diameter of 1.5-2.5 centimeters should be stored at + 18… + 25 ° С (warm storage) and relative humidity of 50-70%. It can be stored in a refrigerator at -1 … -3 ° C and air humidity 80-90% or in the snow in boxes (cold storage).

Plants from large seedlings stored in a warm or cold way are not thrown away, and the yield of onions, subject to the necessary agricultural technology, is high and of good quality. At the same time, well-dried after harvesting seedlings in autumn and spring are stored at + 18 … + 25 ° С and relative humidity of 50-70%.

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With the onset of stable frosty weather (in the winter months), seedlings are stored at sub-zero temperatures (-1 or -3 ° C) and air humidity 80-90%. At the same time, the waste of the seeding is significantly reduced, and after planting in the ground, the plants do not shoot.

To prevent the disease of plants with downy mildew, two weeks before planting, the seedlings are warmed up for 8 hours at a temperature of + 40 … + 42 ° C. It should be noted that during the winter storage period, seedlings, especially those harvested in rainy weather, are often affected by neck rot. To protect the onion from this disease, after drying it before storing it, it is heated for 8 hours at a temperature of + 43 ° C. Properly stored and warmed-up seedlings produce high yields of good quality.

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If you purchased a large set in the spring and do not know how it was stored, then if possible, warm it up before planting at + 25 … + 30 ° C for 15-20 days. At home, sevok can be easily warmed up in a room on a heating battery, pouring it on any pallet with a layer of no more than 3 centimeters. Such heating of the seedlings will significantly reduce the shooting of plants.

If it was not possible to warm the seedlings, and arrows appeared on the plants, they must be broken out in their embryonic state. Plants that continue to throw out new arrows should be used first, since there will be no full-fledged bulbs from them.

Small sets with a diameter of up to 1 centimeter, stored at any temperature, after landing in the ground (regardless of the period), the shooter does not throw out. That is why it is recommended to be used for planting before winter. It should be stored in the winter only in a cold way, since when stored warmly it dries out greatly.

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Photo by Olga Rubtsova