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Japanese Red Eggplant And Bell Pepper Snake
Japanese Red Eggplant And Bell Pepper Snake

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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eggplant japanese red
eggplant japanese red

Despite the irresistible desire of our domestic gardeners for exotic and innovative cultivation, despite their continuous search for new species of plants and varieties, the traditions of reproduction and use of old typical forms and varieties of plants or derivatives from them still remain very strong and even impenetrable.

In stores, you will be offered mainly well-known varieties, although in no case should you indiscriminately criticize everything, since among these varieties there are many very worthy and even classic ones.

I would like to give two examples to support my words. In 1990, I came across the seeds of an eggplant variety Japanese red and sweet pepper Snake. Since then, for 15 years now, everyone who sees the fruits of these amazing varieties cannot figure out that the fruits of eggplants are not tomatoes, and the fruits of grown peppers are not bitter, but sweet.

In the popular literature, despite its abundance, it is problematic to find a description of these varieties; in the catalogs of domestic firms, I have not seen them either. Although recently there have been references to the existence of the Chinese eggplant variety with round red fruits. In general, for 15 years I had hoped to find publications about the above-mentioned varieties, but in vain. In the end I decided to write about them myself.

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Indeed, red eggplants were brought to China from Africa several centuries ago. These eggplants were almost wild and had thorny leaves and practically inedible fruits. Through centuries of selection, this subspecies of red-fruited eggplants in the hands of Chinese peasants has become a real exclusive. Already from China, these eggplants came to Japan, where their breeding continued.

The variety Japanese red has compact, spreading bushes 70-80 cm high, thorns on the stems are completely absent, the leaves are light green, elongated-ovate, slightly pubescent. This variety is self-pollinating, flowers are bisexual, the same size as those of tomatoes, flowers are located in the axils of leaves, collected in bunches of 6-7 or more pieces with a continuous growth of new ones. Fruits are round, weighing about 100 g, light green with dark stripes at an early stage, then orangey and completely reddening when ripe. Fruit skin is smooth, glossy, delicate eggplant taste.

Unripe orangey fruits with a beautiful yellow flesh are used for food. The use and preparation of the fruits of this variety is the same as that of the usual eggplant varieties. For example, I like fried orange wedges. The seeds of red eggplants are small, their germination capacity lasts 3-4 years.

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In the first years of cultivation, there was some "inhibition" in the development of plants and in the timing of the harvest, which was undoubtedly associated with differences in the length of daylight hours and temperature conditions in the Moscow region and in their historical habitats. The first 5-6 years I grew red eggplants in a film greenhouse. Now I grow them in the open field.

When planting seeds for seedlings in early March, ripening of fruits in open ground begins in late July - early August, in film greenhouses, two weeks earlier. Thus, Japanese red proved to be a very early maturing cold-resistant variety. I think that 15 years, during which I zoned this variety, greatly contributed to its adaptation to our climate.

The appearance of this plant makes it possible to compare it with a small exotic tree with carved large leaves, decorated with peculiar flower stars and bearing round green, orange and red fruits, very similar to tomatoes, even to apples, but not to eggplants. This variety can be grown as a separate group as a garden decoration or in a composition in a flower garden. The distance between plants is 40-50 cm.

Sweet pepper 3make


Now a little about sweet pepper 3meyka. This variety of Chinese selection has thin curved fruits up to 20 cm long. The diameter of the pod at the base is 1.5-2 cm.

The fruits in appearance resemble the elephant trunk variety of hot pepper, but only they are more twisted, some fruits are even twisted into rings than they resemble small snakes. This variety is bushy (bushes about 70 cm high), very early, flowers are collected in clusters of up to 10 pieces in the leaf axils. The fruit ripens continuously from the end of June until frost.

The taste of the fruits is sweet, their color is green, yellow, red, the pulp is tender, the aroma is strong. This variety can be grown both for the harvest (very productive) and table decoration, as well as for the aesthetic pleasure of the gardener. And this is not surprising, since no one will ever guess that this beauty, these fruits are not bitter, but sweet, until you tell about it yourself. The agricultural technology of this variety is common, it is grown in bush form without forming. I am sure growing the eggplant and pepper varieties I have described will enrich your experience and you will be pleased.

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