Tomatoes From The Windowsill
Tomatoes From The Windowsill

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Video: Помидоры на подоконнике за 75 дней! Сорт Красная Шапочка. Tomatoes on the windowsill. 2023, January
tomatoes on the windowsill
tomatoes on the windowsill

Tomato (Latin Solanum lycopersicum) is a plant of the Solanum genus, the Solanaceae family, an annual or perennial herb. In our climate, tomatoes are naturally grown as annuals. At present, tomato is one of the most popular crops among agricultural enterprises that grow vegetables loved by the population on hundreds and thousands of hectares of fields or in heated greenhouses, and among amateur gardeners.

And not only in the southern regions, but also in those areas that, it seems, are not at all suitable for this thermophilic plant. This is due to the valuable nutritional and dietary properties of the tomato, its peculiar taste, as well as a wide variety of varieties, high responsiveness to the growing methods used. They are cultivated in open ground, under film shelters, in heated and unheated greenhouses, greenhouses, on balconies, loggias and even in rooms on window sills.

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Since tomato is a thermophilic crop, it needs an optimal temperature of 22 … 25 ° C for normal development, and at temperatures below 10 ° C, pollen in flowers does not ripen, and the unfertilized ovary falls off.

Tomato does not tolerate high humidity, but loves a lot of water for fruit growth. Tomato plants are also demanding of light. With its lack, the development of plants is delayed, the leaves turn pale, the formed buds fall off, the stems are strongly elongated.

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All the strengths and weaknesses of tomato are well studied by our gardeners, so it is rather difficult to offer something new in growing tomatoes. But nevertheless, I suddenly had an interesting experience of my own, which I want to share with other readers of the magazine, especially, I'm sure it will interest those citizens who love wildlife, but do not have their own land. Maybe one of them will try to repeat this experience.

Last year, 2011, I bought a bag of tomato seeds. I don’t remember the name of the variety, probably it was one of the varieties of cherry tomatoes. All seedbed preparation and seed preparation were routine. I put the pot with the planted plant on the windowsill. I have a large window facing the south side. The tomato sprouted and subsequently developed normally: it bloomed, ovaries appeared, the fruits were formed and ripe. In the summer, I harvested a small crop of tomatoes. On this, it would seem, the "growing season" and should have ended. But after fruiting, I did not pull out the plant, since it was very picturesquely green on the window. So it remained standing on the windowsill. All tomato care consisted of infrequent watering.

And now summer is over, autumn has passed, winter has come. And my tomato costs itself green!

He even survived the shutdown of heating for several days. Then curiosity snapped me apart. Since he survived in such conditions, I will grow him until the summer to see what happens?

And last April my tomato suddenly bloomed. And now he also got red tomatoes, which readers can see in my picture. It is noteworthy that during all this time it has hardly grown, only, as it seems, it has spread out a little in breadth. Now I already plan to leave it on the windowsill next year. Of course, I will approach its content more carefully, I will take care of it more carefully so that my perennial tomato will delight us with both its greens and its berries-tomatoes.

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