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Recipes For Dishes From Vegetables And Fruits For March 8
Recipes For Dishes From Vegetables And Fruits For March 8

Video: Recipes For Dishes From Vegetables And Fruits For March 8

Video: Recipes For Dishes From Vegetables And Fruits For March 8
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In less than a week we will be celebrating our favorite spring holiday - March 8th. Men these days have a lot of troubles associated with finding an original gift, with the purchase of a bouquet for a mother, wife, daughter …

But the joy of the beloved will be even greater if her chosen one on this day can set the festive table, decorating it with homemade dishes. We hope that among them there will be dishes prepared according to the recipes offered to you on this page. They are not very complicated, but they are extremely tasty and original.

So get to work!

Mimosa salad"

1 can of pink salmon (salmon), 3 eggs, onions, medium carrots, 100 g cheese, 60 g butter, Calve mayonnaise (not olive).

Put the pink salmon on a flat (not high) dish, mash with a fork, grate a little onion on top, coat with mayonnaise on top (mayonnaise is pre-mixed with the brine left over from the pink salmon). Then grate the carrots (boiled), again coat with mayonnaise on top; grate the egg whites and coat with mayonnaise again. After that, grate the butter, then the cheese and coat with mayonnaise (so that the cheese and butter rub more easily - put them in the freezer for 20 minutes). Finally, grate the egg yolks on top. Let the salad stand warm for a while to melt the butter, and then refrigerate. At the table, put the salad on plates like a cake so that all the layers fall on it.

Salad "Vigor"

Peel the celery root, grate on a coarse grater, add the contents of a can of canned pineapple, after chopping it into small pieces, mix everything with mayonnaise.

Herring with beans

Cut the herring fillet of low (medium) salt into thin slices, add canned beans, onions, boiled carrots, tomato, mix everything. (You can stew carrots, onions in tomato sauce).

Peacock Tail

Put a slice of ham (boiled pork) on a lettuce leaf, then a circle of tomato, put a circle of eggs on it. On the edges of the salad, ham, tomatoes and eggs, coat with mayonnaise with a layer of about 7 mm. Fan out the resulting sandwiches on a large plate.

Stuffed rolls

Sliced (thinner) sliced ham (sausage-like) is dressed with grated cheese mixed with curry (to taste) or grated garlic and mayonnaise. Rolls are twisted, fastened with special skewers (you can use toothpicks), olives are planted on top of them.

Salad "Nakhodka"

0.5 kg of fresh cabbage, a can of salmon, a can of canned corn, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt.

Finely chop the cabbage, mash the canned fish with a spoon and put on the cabbage, then add canned corn there. Add mayonnaise mixed with lemon juice and season the dish with it.

Hawaiian salad

Pack of frozen Hawaiian mix, 1 boiled egg, 1 pack of crab sticks, mayonnaise.

Pour the Hawaiian mixture into boiling water, cook, stirring occasionally, for 3 minutes. Then drain the water through a colander, cool the mixture, add the chopped egg and finely chopped crab sticks to it. At the end, fill the dish with mayonnaise and mix everything thoroughly. Salt if necessary.

Julien escort

Boil chicken meat (any, but ideally - white), then chop it finely and lightly fry in vegetable oil (salt, pepper). Champignons from a jar (you can also forest mushrooms - it will be tastier with them) finely chop and fry with the addition of onions. Then take a container and lay out in layers: mushrooms, chicken, and it is advisable to sprinkle each layer with finely grated cheese (any). At the very end, make a sauce: melt 1 tablespoon of butter, add 1 tablespoon of flour there, mix everything well so that there are no lumps; then add 1 pack (200-250 ml) of cream, you can also add a little mayonnaise (salt or spices to taste). And pour the prepared chicken and mushrooms with the resulting mixture. Place in a preheated oven for 15-20 minutes. The dish is very satisfying, tasty and easy to prepare. Eatable both hot and cold!

"Original" salad

Boil the chicken, disassemble it, separating the meat from the bones and chopping it (600-700 g); add chopped pickled (spicy) cucumbers (150-200 g), grated celery root (about 500 g), finely chopped parsley. Mix everything and season with mayonnaise.


200 g of cheese (preferably spicy), 2 boiled eggs, garlic, mayonnaise.

Grate cheese, eggs, add two chopped large cloves of garlic, mix everything with mayonnaise.

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