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Ozunar Company - Cellular Polycarbonate And Greenhouses
Ozunar Company - Cellular Polycarbonate And Greenhouses

Video: Ozunar Company - Cellular Polycarbonate And Greenhouses

Video: Ozunar Company - Cellular Polycarbonate And Greenhouses
Video: Noonty Greenhouse Factory 2023, October
Ozunar company, cellular polycarbonate and greenhouses
Ozunar company, cellular polycarbonate and greenhouses

Cellular polycarbonate Сarboglass and Novattro in St. Petersburg


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We offer:

Greenhouse "Kinovskaya" for cellular polycarbonate


Width 3 meters

Height 2.10 meters

Length 4, 6, 8 meters

Weight of a 4-meter greenhouse 57 kg

The frame is made of galvanized steel 0.8 mm, the shape is V-shaped. The length of the greenhouse can be increased in multiples of 2 meters. The design has a pitch of 65 centimeters.

The kit includes 4mm polycarbonate hardware. No foundation required. Covering material - cellular polycarbonate, does not break, perfectly retains heat, dismantling for the winter is not required. Additionally completed with vents, partitions

Greenhouse "Kinovskaya Premium" for cellular polycarbonate


Package contents:

1st package: main block 4m, weight - 50 kg

2nd package: ends with doors and vents, weight - 25 kg

3rd package: 2m extension (if necessary), weight - 25 kg

Frame made of galvanized closed pipe 25 mm x 25 mm

Cellular polycarbonate

Cellular polycarbonate fence
Cellular polycarbonate fence

White policarbonate is designed for light-transparent structures and light-colored transparent blood. Panels of honeycomb polycarbonate by thermal insulation are not inferior to glass packs and have rigidity, providing resistance to wind and snow loads.

Hollow sheets, in which 2 or more layers are connected by inner longitudinal ribs of rigidity, oriented in the direction of the sheet length.

The high plasticity and strength of the material itself makes it possible to produce sheets with very thin walls by the extrusion method. The air contained in the voids between the layers of the sheet ensures its high heat-insulating properties, and the stiffening ribs provide greater structural strength for the most part. The lightness of the polycarbonate leaves will allow you to create original and elegant solutions, increasing the area of the light-transmitting surface by increasing the width of the flight to the non-existent.

Cellular polycarbonate is ideal for covering greenhouses, greenhouses, swimming pools. Both transparent and colored polycarbonate sheets will ennoble the summer cottage and will reliably serve for many years if they are also used for awnings, arched ceilings, for fences, partitions, summer showers, verandas, gazebos, terraces.

Our company offers a transparent and colored honeycomb polycarbonate of the brands СARBOGLASS (Russia) and NOVATTRO (Russia). The OZUNAR company is a dealer of manufacturers.

Properties and general characteristics of cellular polycarbonate

cellular polycarbonate
cellular polycarbonate

1. Ultra-high impact strength: 200 times stronger than glass and 8 times stronger than acrylic plastics and PVC

2. High temperature resistance: properties little depend on temperature, and critical temperatures are outside the range of possible operating temperatures)

3. High fire resistance - the material is hardly flammable and self-extinguishing; combustion of polycarbonate is not accompanied by the release of toxic substances

4. Extreme lightness: cellular polycarbonate weighs 16 times less than glass and 3 times less than acrylic of the same thickness

5. High thermal insulation properties, low thermal conductivity: heat transfer coefficient - 2.5 W / m2K

6. High light transmission: transparency - up to 86%, good light diffusion in the double panel, no shadow

7. Flexural and tensile strength

8. Excellent resistance to weathering: cellular polycarbonate is suitable for use in the temperature range from -400C to + 1200C, a special outer layer protects the sheets from yellowing and surface wear

9. Durability: mechanical, optical and thermal properties remain unchanged during the entire warranty period and even longer. The

warranty period is 6 - 15 years, depending on the grade of polycarbonate

10. Glazing safety (polycarbonate is a viscous polymer, therefore sheets made of it do not break, do not crack, and, therefore, sharp fragments on impact)

11. Protection against ultraviolet radiation (a special protective layer applied to the outer surface of the sheets prevents the penetration of the most harmful UV radiation for the interior)

12. Excellent design possibilities

About Ozunar

The Ozunar company has been operating in St. Petersburg since 1995. We offer a wide selection of high quality materials and an individual approach to each client. Today "Ozunar" is one of the leading suppliers of plexiglass, polycarbonate and other plastics in the market of the North-West of Russia. Qualified managers will help you choose the material you need and advise you on working with it.

Our regular customers are builders and designers, gardeners and manufacturers of advertising products, manufacturers of trade and exhibition equipment, car accessories, aquariums and many, many others. Wholesale customers are offered discounts and the ability to order sheets of specified thicknesses, sizes and colors. Materials can be cut to size and delivered to the client's address. By purchasing materials from the Ozunar company, you can count on a high quality guarantee, reasonable prices and qualified service