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A Fun Way To Grow Carrots
A Fun Way To Grow Carrots

Video: A Fun Way To Grow Carrots

Video: A Fun Way To Grow Carrots
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Less effort - more carrot harvest

growing carrots
growing carrots

I have been reading the magazine "Flora Price" for a long time, I always get acquainted with interest with the experience of other gardeners, I try to transfer it to my beds. And now I decided to share my experience in growing carrots. Frankly, at one time I even wanted to abandon it, this culture is very laborious. And she needs loose soil, without clods, and her small seeds from drying out of the soil sprout badly and for a long time.

And when they sprout, you are tortured to weed with a magnifying glass, choosing among the many weeds tender shoots of carrots. However, on reflection, I decided to translate all the minuses into pluses. Now I loosen the soil in the garden with the help of the Fokin flat cutter. This is a matter of a minute, cannot be compared with digging. And those gardeners who want to repeat my experience, but do not believe in the new, let them dig up their garden, as they are used to.

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And now about my method. I mark the prepared soil in the garden with a board into rows. It is advisable to practice here so that the desired depth is obtained. The seeds are laid on a flat surface. Here they are, my two pluses.

I sprinkle with the same soil using a flat cutter. And then - the most important thing: I cover the garden with 2-3 layers of ordinary newspapers, and on top - with lutrasil, which I fix properly. That's all the preparation.

After two weeks or a little later, I check if seedlings have appeared. If they already exist, I remove all the newspapers from the garden. Even if the seedlings stay in the dark for 2-3 days, it's not scary, once they get into the light, they quickly turn green. I again cover the garden with lutrasil, the plants will be less affected by pests and grow better under such a shelter. The main thing here is that the weeds in the warmth under the newspapers arose much earlier than carrots, but in the dark, without the life-giving sun, they died, simultaneously giving food to soil living creatures - earthworms and microorganisms.

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And they, in turn, loosened the soil. It is also important that the ground under such a shelter does not dry out and does not need to be loosened. And if you try and sow carrot seeds less often, there are many ways here, for example, some gardeners mix seeds with coarse river sand, then there is no need to thin out the seedlings. In addition, I prefer mulching crops, rather than loosening, then you can water less often, even if the summer is hot. I also sprinkle ash on the carrot crops twice a season. That's my whole way. It remains only in autumn or selectively in summer to harvest. He's always good now.

Of course, if a perennial weed suddenly emerges, it is better to pull it out right away, this is clear, although I hardly have them after two years of natural farming. In the new season, in this way I am going to grow not only carrots, but also parsley, dill, coriander. I want to appeal to all gardening readers: if you have your own experience of growing large yields of vegetables with minimal effort, share it with everyone. And I hope that my experience will help someone to take a fresh look at such a labor-intensive culture - carrots.

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