A Fun Way To Reproduce And Grow Potatoes
A Fun Way To Reproduce And Grow Potatoes

Video: A Fun Way To Reproduce And Grow Potatoes

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growing potatoes
growing potatoes

I want to tell the readers of the magazine about how I plant potatoes. I got to this technique as a result of many years of searching. I just want to warn you: I am not quite a typical gardener - I do not pursue large harvests. I'm more interested in new varieties of potatoes. I would like to check how he will feel in the not very favorable conditions of the Karelian Isthmus and, of course, try his taste. At the same time, I try to use different ways to increase its yield: how to get several bushes from two or three potatoes.

Firstly, I haven’t plant potatoes in one place for more than two or three years. I've been digging the plot since autumn, with a pitchfork, of course. And I've been digging the entire plot for thirty years only with pitchforks. I sow it with winter rye, and in the spring I slightly loosen it and make shallow rows. It turns out a wavy area. The distance between the rows is about 70 cm. I compact the rows (according to Dutch technology), pour ash, manure, a little superphosphate and lay out the potato tubers.

I write down the number of tubers and the variety in each row in a journal. And then I sprinkle the tubers with a small rake, but so that they are slightly covered. I sprinkle it with a small layer of earth because it and the sides of the rows warm up well. Therefore, sprouts appear quickly. And at night, when it gets colder, the earth of the side rows gives off heat, and the borings do not freeze at night. Since the potato field looks wavy, it is very convenient to cover it with a covering material if necessary. In addition, such rows are well and easily piled up.

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I want to note that I sprinkle potatoes with the same rake, i.e. I also loosen the site.

I try to buy varietal potatoes for planting. Then I soak it for half an hour in a solution of potassium permanganate and put it in the sun for landscaping and the appearance of sprouts, but not long, but plump green ones. This is if a new variety is bought in the spring.

In the fall, I choose clean, even potatoes, again wash them in potassium permanganate, green them and put them in boxes for the winter, in which I always put garlic and ate branches, and leave them in the basement at the dacha. In the spring I take it out and put it in the light until the sprouts appear.

I've tried quite a few different varieties. I liked the varieties Charodey, Lugovskoy, Petersburg, Skala, Skazka, Adretta in terms of yield, resistance to late blight in our conditions. And in terms of taste, they suit me.

I can share the experience of breeding a new potato variety. Let's say you can buy three or four potatoes. Then keep them in a potassium permanganate solution as usual, dry them and do the following: put two pieces in a dark place, and leave two in the light. After three to four weeks, those potatoes that have been in the dark will have long shoots. Look closely at them along the length and you will see green dots against the background of a white shoot.

Cut the shoots between these green dots and plant them in the ground. Water. After a while you will have green shoots, i.e. get clean seedlings. Well, when the soil is ready in the country, plant these seedlings, and in the fall you will already get a lot of potatoes of a new variety.

On potatoes that lie in the light, green leaves will appear on their eyes with white tentacles - roots. Carefully unscrew these sprouts and plant them in the ground. Get seedlings again, and then plant them in the ground on the site. This will give you your seed potatoes.

And the potatoes themselves, from which you took shoots, cut in the middle of the tuber and plant. Lateral and lower eyes and some amputated ones will give new shoots.

So, dear gardeners, gardeners, experiment! It's very interesting and useful!

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