How Do I Grow Carrots On Loam
How Do I Grow Carrots On Loam

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growing carrots
growing carrots

Anyone, even a novice gardener-gardener, must have a couple of beds or, at worst, a couple of carrot grooves on his site. At least for summer consumption. I'm not an exception. And I will not hide the fact that I did not immediately find an approach to this culture. As well as not immediately came to the methods of natural farming.

To this day, most people, at best, are surprised when I claim that I get excellent harvests of carrots on land that has not been dug for four years … All the beds that I have on my site have not known what a shovel is for four years … I work only with instruments from the "Kozma" series - we'll talk about them a little later.

About varieties. I liked the Askania carrots very much - both in terms of the rate of development, and in terms of resistance to weather conditions, and in taste. Also sowed (traditionally) the Queen of Autumn and Vitamin 6.

I sowed carrots in the last week of April, I don't remember the exact date, alternating with Exhibishen onion seedlings. The seeds were on the tape. Sprinkled coconut substrate on the tape.

A little about the preparation of the garden for carrots. Once again, I want to emphasize that I do not even dig for carrots, or rather, especially for carrots.

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In the previous year, an onion was sitting on this bed, after the harvest of which an oil radish was sown. Therefore, in the spring I slightly loosened the top layer of "Kozmoy", made grooves with the sharp side of the unedged board and rolled out the ribbons, sprinkling them with substrate. I covered everything with spunbond and forgot it until mid-May. It was then that terrible frosts struck, which destroyed a lot of freshly planted plants on my site. As I already noted, it was -10 ° С on our site … That night I lost my Mazarin tomatoes, the first seedlings of cucumbers, marigolds and other plants.

By this time, the carrots had already risen and quite calmly, covered with the green feathers of the Exhibichen, endured this frost. By the way, the bow was not damaged either.

What did this approach give me? The earth has retained its structure, i.e. all canals from rotten green manure roots and cut weeds, worm tunnels, aerobic-anaerobic layers … My soil is heavy loam, and still few people believe me that good carrots can be grown on it, and even without digging. You can, honestly! But after digging, I will no longer undertake. Dig up, loosen, rub all the lumps with your hands - a fairy tale, not the earth! The first good rain - a noble clay talker, even if you coat the stove, then the sun - excellent cracked bricks! … Carrots grew slightly thicker than mouse tails. Now my soil is a solid "cheese", and carrots, like other root crops, even have a choice through which channel to start growing.

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As soon as the carrots throw out the first three or four leaves, I gently mulch it with semi-ripe compost mixed with sand. And most importantly: as soon as the root crop itself begins to form - not a single watering !!! Let it grow deeper in search of water. Here, in fact, is the secret of obtaining such carrots. When I dug it out, I thought - I'll break the scoop. After all, "loose" land is not loose at all in our understanding. It is all permeated with various moves, but quite solid. It's just structured, so everything grows in it. A loose (with air access) only the top (5-7 cm) layer.

In one year, such soil cannot be achieved, at least I did not succeed. I haven't been digging for four years, and such carrots only grew last year. Although a year ago, too, there were far from mouse tails. I know that all this is far from the limit. I still have a very young land, and we need to work and work on it. But when she thanks you with such crops, you understand that you are going in the right direction. And this is the most important thing.

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