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A Fun Way To Plant Bulbous Crops In Autumn
A Fun Way To Plant Bulbous Crops In Autumn

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The pots came in handy …


Who of the gardeners is not familiar with the chagrin caused by the sight of damaged hazel grouse tubers during their digging. Rodents sometimes cause quite significant damage. I found my own way to deal with this.

To do this, I took a deep mesh plastic box from fruits, poured soil into it and planted hazel grouses in early September, because at that time there was no free space in the flower beds, and the roots of the tubers had already grown. Already in October, I buried this box in the ground on the vacant place I needed.

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The next season, the hazel grouses were blooming as usual, and when their leaves turned yellow, I dug a box and put it under the canopy. Grouse grew in a warm, sunny place, their tubers ripened well. The box stood for some time under a canopy, the soil in it dried up. I spread a film there, overturned a box of earth on it and collected excellent tubers, while not losing my baby.

In the first half of summer, when we dig up the bulbs of hyacinths, tulips, crocuses, we plant annuals in the vacant space. Some of them grow and bloom for so long that it is time to plant tulips, but there is no room for them. And I found a way out of this situation. I purchased special pots for planting bulbs in open ground.

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At a convenient time for myself in late August and early September, sitting under a canopy, I planted the bulbous, and planted the crocuses in small flower pots, moistened the soil in them, and in October, when space was vacated in the flower beds, I buried the pots with already rooted bulbs to the desired depth. Hopefully, these pots will at least partially protect the bulbs from underground rodents. It also happens that the onion falls deep into the void of a passage dug by rodents, and we lose it. And tulips can go deep down, they are difficult to dig up without loss.

This method of planting bulbs avoids the loss of valuable plants. What else I like about this planting method is that after flowering, when the leaves begin to turn yellow, you can dig out containers with bulbs, reduce watering, and remove them under a canopy. And after the leaves have dried, it remains only to shake out the earth and remove the bulbs. This is convenient, can work in any weather, and the bulbs are usually of good quality.

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