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We Grow Onion Sets In Our Garden
We Grow Onion Sets In Our Garden

Video: We Grow Onion Sets In Our Garden

Video: We Grow Onion Sets In Our Garden
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Onions to your taste

Onion sets
Onion sets

Experienced gardeners grow onion sets from seeds (nigella), which can now be found in any gardening store. Moreover, there are seeds and ordinary golden varieties, there is a white bulb, there is also a red one.

So you bought the seeds. Then soak them in water for a day. This is usually done in late April - early May, depending on weather conditions and the readiness of the garden. After a day, sow these seeds into the soil in grooves 1–2 cm deep, placing rows every 10 cm. Seedlings usually appear on the 6–7th day. Keep an eye on the bed, weed it, water the seedlings carefully, periodically loosen the soil after watering.

Onion sets grow slowly. It ripens around the second decade of August. Choose a set with tops and lay it out to dry under a canopy for 10-15 days. The nutrients from the leaves are transferred to the bulb. When the leaves are completely dry, cut them off, leaving stumps 2-3 cm high. Store the seedlings in a dry room at a temperature of 0 - … + 3 ° С or at 18 … 20 ° С. Review it regularly and iterate over it. With this storage, the planted onion sets do not shoot the next year.

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Growing onions from sets

Plant the sevok, sorted by size, early. Before planting, warm the seedlings at a temperature of 30 … 40 ° C for 10-14 days to destroy the pathogens of downy mildew. You can even soak in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Do not trim it before planting.

Arrange the bulbs in rows every 8-10 cm, strictly bottom-down to a depth of 0.5 cm from the soil surface to the top.

Onion fly causes great harm to plantings. To combat it, spray the plants with a solution of pyrethrum powder (from chamomile flowers) or ash liquor with some scented soap (coniferous, tar, carbolic). Take 25-50 g of soap per 10 liters of warm water. Sowing nearby dill well protects against pests.

In drought, water the seedlings abundantly, loosen the soil, feed with mineral fertilizers. For the best bulbs ripening in July, shake off the soil from them, exposing the bulbs, then stop watering and feeding.

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Harvest grown onions in the second half of August. By this time, the tops of the leaves dry up and lie down. They should not be accepted, since in this case the nutrients from the damaged leaves cannot penetrate the bulb. Remove the onions with the feathers and lay them out under the canopy to dry and ripen. Then separate the bulbs from the leaves or tie them into braids with the leaves. Store onions at a temperature of 20 … 25 ° C in a dry place. When stored at a lower temperature, onions planted the next year are pointed out.

I want to say that now in St. Petersburg and the region there are such craftswomen-gardeners who, in one season, get from the seeds of nigella not sets, but large high-quality bulbs of marketable onions. True, for this, they first sow nigella for seedlings, and then the resulting seedlings are transferred in the spring to the beds, where a real crop of onions grows. But this needs to be learned.