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We Create A Garden Design With Our Own Hands
We Create A Garden Design With Our Own Hands

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An endless creative process

alpine slide
alpine slide

Becoming the winner of the "Envy, Neighbor!" last year, and now I decided to try my hand at garden design, because the process of creativity and creation of the garden continues, and I want to show people my flower beds.

It is not easy to create any flower garden so that it is beautiful and harmonious, so something is being transplanted all the time: either there is not enough color, or the shape of the leaves does not harmonize with the neighboring plant, then suddenly somewhere an empty space was formed after the flowering of bulbous.

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But the soul "sings", and any work brings only the joy of creativity.

The flower beds are arranged in such a way that weeding is done once a season - in June, later the plants close together and the weeds no longer grow. Once I do top dressing and autumn pruning of leaves. Bulbous plants (tulips, hyacinths) I plant in pots immediately after flowering. I dig out the pots and put them in the shade until the next planting in the ground. Once every two years I change the soil in the pot. I plant annuals in place of the bulbous ones.

alpine slide
alpine slide

Arriving at the site, I first of all run to see what has changed there over the week, what has blossomed and admire the beauty of the flower beds, and of course, there is a work plan right away - there is no need to rest at the dacha, although the change in activity is also a rest.

On vacation I leave more voluminous work (weaving hedges, digging a pond, etc.). At the end of the current vacation, the reservoir, which was going to be done for two years, was dug up. Now its registration is underway.

In general, the process of creativity and knowledge of the plant world continues. And the results can be seen by the readers on the photographs prepared for the competition.

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