Using Medicinal Herbs
Using Medicinal Herbs

Video: Using Medicinal Herbs

Video: Using Medicinal Herbs
Video: 10 Essential Medicinal Herbs to Grow for Making Home Remedies 2023, March
Mother and stepmother
Mother and stepmother

Scientists have described thousands of herbs useful for nutrition and medicinal use since ancient times, as far back as the Dolinnean times. Karl Linnaeus proposed a universal systematization of plants, which made it possible to note, on the basis of similarity in systematic position, the kinship of origin and similarity in the direction of their therapeutic action.

Botanical scientists have described more than 300 thousand species of plants, but look at the books on the pharmacopoeia, and you will see that official medicine does not use even 300 species, i.e. 0.1%. Meanwhile, the first Russian Pharmacopoeia (1778) included 302 species of Russian medicinal plants, more than half of them were Siberian, and now there are three times less of them in our pharmacopoeia.

A notable phenomenon in the study of medicinal plants was the work "Flora of Western Siberia", published in twelve volumes, which describes 3380 plant species, including 1000 species used in folk medicine, and 130 in scientific medicine.

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A great variety of herbs have a variety of healing effects and, most importantly, they have been used for more than one hundred or even a thousand years. And yet no one can deny the fact that until now no more than one tenth of the herbs existing on earth have been studied for the presence of medicinal effects.

Recently, one scientist dared to assert that the drug industry is tied to chemical products and genetic engineering precisely in order to fight cancer and AIDS. As for cancer, many who have recovered are aware of such herbs as aconite, hemlock, fly agaric, celandine and others. Many have learned to use these herbs themselves or to cure themselves according to our recommendations, which is described in our book "Healing lands of Tyumen herbs".

The very fact that medicinal herbs have not yet been found to treat AIDS and some other diseases can only indicate that we do not know our home well - the planet we live on.

Nowadays, all over the world, any more or less large company for the production of medicines pays the work of hundreds of experts, whose task is to communicate with traditional healers of different tribes and peoples, learning the secrets of the action of herbs on diseases. And if a new medicinal herb is discovered, then immediately research is carried out on the compliance of the active ingredients and the registration of the corresponding patents.

But that's not all. Every firm fights with competitors, which are those who begin to help themselves. This means that it is necessary to convince those who are "from above" so that a legislative or authoritative conclusion of the luminary of science on limiting the use of an effective means appears.

You don't have to go far for examples. The aborigines of Australia were not complete dullards when they used tea tree oil for several thousand years to treat wounds, eczema, rashes, and insect bites. But nowadays there are pharmaceutical companies and doctors who give a warning that tea tree products must be sold with a warning inscription: "not recommended for children under three years old" or "only for external use."

And the example of the warning about carcinogenicity of mother and stepmother, which caused a lot of noise in almost all media, can serve as an alphabet for the drug business, and at the same time for ignorance. This herb is a true gift of nature, which grows everywhere, and any of us has the right to pick it and use it immediately or make a small supply for the winter. And note, not a single anti-advertising, not a single doctor says that in order to obtain a carcinogenic dose, you need to eat 10 kg of a mother and stepmother every day.

Our best advice to you: use herbs that grow near your home, whatever they are called - chamomile or dill, sage or parsley, do not give in to threats about the proximity of the road, along which sometimes a rider on a horse or a truck with milk passes. Brew a refreshing tea from the harvested plants and drink it in quantities that the sensations indicate is good for you. Nature does not need any license fees.

One of the success secrets of healers who use herbs to heal is that the plant is a single whole with us, and it is necessary to use exactly those plants that surround us. Animals are not taught this, but zoologists and ecologists are well aware that before settling animals in a new area, it is necessary, first of all, to find out whether there is in this area the same vegetation among which this animal lived. Deer needs reindeer moss, and moose needs not tundra or sandy desert, but forest thickets.

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An equally important secret of the successful activity of a herbal healer is the understanding that any plant reveals its full potential only when it is considered and used as a whole, because none of its active components individually can be so useful. From the point of view of the drug technologist, every plant has components that seem useless or passive, from which he is freed in the process. Some of the seemingly superfluous substances at a certain dosage can even have a mild toxic effect. But a technologist and scientist who is engaged in identifying the medicinal properties of plants, in fact, is on the path of war with Nature. He ignores the fact that nature is much smarter than he thinks.

Nature is wise enough and, most likely, introduced toxic components into some plants in order to prevent an overdose of medicinal components. And it is really unreasonable to violate the harmony of plant components. This is what we are dealing with when we are faced with the side effects of prescribed pills.

Therefore, do not be afraid and feel free to use the whole plant as a whole, or separately the root, leaves, fruits, flowers. You can also use essential oils from these plants. You will know which part of the plant will lead to the desired result, because different parts of the plant help with various diseases.

Another secret of healers lies in the correct timing of the collection of herbs, their processing, as well as in the application in harmony with the lunar rhythms.

Not everyone can feel the force field of living beings in all its colors and forms, see the energy field of plants. But such people are able to distinguish natural grass from greenhouse grown. It is these force fields with their radiation that lead to the fact that in many cases the mere presence of the herb is sufficient for a curative effect.

Many peoples who have not yet been changed by civilization are well aware of this relationship, therefore they often have bags of grass around their necks, they can talk with plants for a long time. The plant is present nearby in the form of living information that comes from it.

We wish you good luck and stay healthy.

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