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Growing Cacti From Seeds - 2
Growing Cacti From Seeds - 2

Video: Growing Cacti From Seeds - 2

Video: Growing Cacti From Seeds - 2
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Seed propagation of cacti

The first 2-3 days after picking, the seedlings need only be sprayed with warm boiled water, without watering. Keep them warm and covered. After a week, the lid can already be left ajar, and, after a few days, completely removed. But the heat needs to be maintained for another week, using the bottom heating if necessary.


Subsequent picks are carried out in 1.5-2 months, when the seedlings close, and it becomes cramped for them. In fact, there are many different opinions about the number of picks. Some believe that it is necessary to dive as often as possible, others are sure that 1-2 dives in the first year of life are quite enough. When my seedlings were one and a half months old, I cut 10 pieces as an experiment. At first they slowed down in growth, but then completely caught up with the rest. True, three kids remained weak and small, lagging behind in growth. At the age of a little over three months, I had already sowed the entire crop, and the cacti tolerated this procedure quite easily.

Now, based on personal experience, I believe: if the seedlings grow quite well, they are not crowded, there are no algae and fungi, then you should not rush to picks. Still, transplanting is stressful for babies, and my task is to grow healthy, hardened cactus that can well endure their first winter. And they will gain size next year. Therefore, I think that no more than two or three picks are enough.

Well-developed and strong seedlings are quite capable of surviving the first wintering in a relatively cool mode on a window at a temperature of 12 … 15 ° C. The illumination should be sufficient. During this period, from November to January, you need to water the seedlings about three times a month, along the edges of the dishes, so that the root collar does not get wet. The soil for the wintering of young seedlings is somewhat different from that in which they have grown so far. About a third of sod land and a little crushed, washed red brick are added to the original soil mixture. Such a composition will not dry out too quickly, and the brick will gradually release moisture into dry soil.

Weak seedlings in the first winter are better kept in greenhouse conditions, as in previous months.

What can threaten seedlings?

Non-sterile soil mixture, severe waterlogging and poor ventilation can lead to the development of algae colonies on the soil among crops. It is very difficult to deal with them, so you need to avoid what contributes to their appearance:

  • irrigation with raw water, which contains a lot of lime;
  • waterlogging of the soil;
  • transparent sowing dishes, although for the first 1-2 months they are suitable if there is no other container.

In addition, algae do not develop when the crops are thoroughly ventilated. If they nevertheless appeared in small quantities, then you can first simply remove the affected topsoil, and then observe the irrigation and ventilation regime. But if this does not help, you need to cut the seedlings into fresh sterile soil. I haven’t come across algae yet, but I read that from chemical methods of struggle it is possible to apply a solution of copper sulfate at the rate of 1 g / 1 l of water.

The most dangerous enemies of seedlings are fungi. The following factors contribute to their appearance: waterlogging, low temperature, lack of sunlight, lack of fresh air (ventilation). Therefore, for prevention, it is extremely necessary, first of all, sunlight and clean fresh air. Diseased seedlings become transparent, yellow, then blur into a puddle that carries the infection. I will not go into control measures, if necessary, such information can be found in sufficient quantities on the Internet.

In addition to these problems, alkalization of the soil may occur when using raw hard water for irrigation. The soil is covered with a lime crust, the same crust appears on the lower part of the stems of the seedlings. They stop growing and may die. To save them, they need to be transplanted into a fresh, slightly sour soil mixture.

Of course, these are not all the dangers that young seedlings can face. But with careful observance of all the rules of sowing and growing, in most cases they can be safely avoided.

Cacti are three months old
Cacti are three months old

In fact, growing cacti from seeds is not as difficult as it might seem right away, and besides, it is very exciting! For some, it will be a real discovery that cacti can be sown like radishes and then get wonderful plants! When growing cacti from seeds, you treat them completely differently than you do with store-bought adult plants. Little cacti - they are just like children - need love, attention and understanding of their needs. And you shouldn't forget about it in pursuit of increasing collection species. With a lack of experience, surely some seedlings will remain deprived, without proper care and attention. Creating good conditions for the life and growth of at least a few cacti will soon allow you to become the owner of chic prickly beauties!

I hope my recommendations will help exotic lovers to gain determination and grow their first "hedgehogs" from seeds. I wish the enthusiasts successful sowing!