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Choosing A Rose For Your Garden
Choosing A Rose For Your Garden

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What roses will make the garden beautiful and unique

climbing rose
climbing rose

Perhaps no garden is complete without roses. They are famous not only for their beauty: the scent of a rose relaxes a person well, relieves stress and nervousness.

The most frost-resistant types of roses grow in the North-West region at an average July temperature not lower than + 10 ° C. For early and abundant flowering of roses, it is best to choose southern, well-lit areas protected from the wind for planting them.

Roses grow well on any land, except for swampy ones. The soil should be loose, enriched with organic matter. The optimum soil acidity for this plant is pH 5.8-6.5.

The assortment of many thousands of garden roses cannot be covered in a small publication, so I will dwell only on certain types of roses.

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Miniature roses.These are strong dwarf roses 15-25 cm high, densely branched, sometimes spherical in shape. Their shoots are almost entirely covered with very beautiful leaves. The flowers of this type of roses are very small - 1-3 cm in diameter, densely doubled, collected in small inflorescences, less often - single. They often have a wonderful scent. The color and shape of miniature roses are varied. These roses form flowers almost all summer. They are ideal for container planting as well as for growing in pots or any container. These roses are used in small traditional borders, cut. They are stronger than their relatives - tea hybrids, because they grow on their own roots. Some varieties of miniature roses: Easter Morning, Green Ice, Starina, Baby Masquerade …

Miniature roses in the garden create a picturesque carpet. And the flowers emit a delicious aroma. A rare person will not enjoy the abundant flowering of these roses.

climbing rose
climbing rose

Climbing roses are liana-like shrubs; they have small-colored and large-colored forms. These roses are used for vertical gardening, decorating gazebos, trellises, pergolas, arches.

Climbing scented roses are effective in standard culture in formal and informal gardens. Wonderful climbing plants with various colors retain their beauty all season. Their flowers are of various colors and shapes - semi-double, striped, creamy white and bright red with an amazing aroma, similar to that of freshly cut lemon, they are collected in large clusters against a background of dark green leaves. Some varieties of climbing roses: Pierre de Ronsard, Flamentanz, Laguna, Cordes …

Park roses- This is a combined group of roses, uniting a number of species, shapes, varieties. She received the name only for the purpose of these plants. In terms of frost resistance and unpretentiousness, they surpass all garden ones. In the Leningrad region, the abundant bloom of park roses begins in June and lasts from two weeks to five months, depending on the characteristics of the variety. There are varieties with repeated flowering. They have elegant flowers with velvet, wavy petals on long stems. They are also used in bouquets and decorate flower beds in the background. In landscape compositions, park roses are used for hedges, specimen plantings due to the beauty of their flowers and their wonderful aroma. Some varieties of park roses: Maidense Blush, Canary Bird, Louise Odier, Boule De Neige … Notice


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Hybrid tea roses appeared relatively recently, but now they occupy a leading place in gardens. This is the richest group in terms of decorative variety and number of varieties. They bloom profusely and for a long time. In contrast to remontant roses, these roses actively form flowering shoots, giving continuous and rich flowering from the second half of June to the end of October, forming flowers with a weak or intense aroma on long stems. In the color of the flowers, varieties of tea roses are distinguished by amazingly subtle shades: white, cream, pink, apricot pink, creamy yellow, red and with transitions of these tones from one to another.Some varieties of hybrid tea roses: Pink Flamingo, Sky Line, Schwartz Madonna, Shocking Blue, Serenade, Sophia Loren …

Marsh rose with fragrant, dark pink double, shiny, beautiful in all respects flowers in summer provides long flowering. Its fragrant flowers up to 5 cm in diameter turn orange-red by autumn. Leaves from medium to dark green by autumn change color, becoming dark red. The branches of this rose are long and graceful, forming a powerful shrub, which is suitable for creating hedges and mass plantings. This rose grows in partial shade, in a soil rich in organic matter, both in wet conditions and in dry places. Marsh rose is unpretentious. When caring for it, pruning old branches close to the ground is required to maintain growth vigor.

Ground cover roses- these are creeping shrubs with long shoots up to 4 meters thick, densely covered with fine dark green graceful foliage. The ground beneath them is almost invisible. Most varieties bloom once and very profusely, but there are also remontant, often odorless. Here are some varieties of ground cover roses: Avon, Blenheim, Bonika, Fiona … The

flowers of ground cover roses are semi-double and double, medium sized with a strong aroma. During the flowering period, the plants form a carpet of amazing beauty. They are especially promising for the design of difficult-to-work areas, in particular, slopes.

All roses are propagated by budding, grafting and a rose.

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