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Growing Roses From Green Cuttings
Growing Roses From Green Cuttings

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My way of replenishing the collection of varietal roses

cuttings of roses
cuttings of roses

Twelve years ago we decided to purchase a summer cottage that would be closer to our home. The road to the former took a very long time. As soon as you have time to get there, it's time to return home.

Therefore, we bought a new dacha. The new neighbor in the summer cottage turned out to be pensioner Alexander Vasilyevich, a great connoisseur and lover of roses.

In his garden there were about fifteen bushes of various roses. They bloomed from early summer until frost with some incredibly amazing flowers: from pale pink to dark cherry, and bloomed almost continuously.

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cuttings of roses
cuttings of roses

Rose for cutting

I also wanted to create the same rose garden. The next year, in the spring, she brought from Moscow ten varieties of hybrid tea-rooted roses.

The word "own-rooted" did not bother me, then I had no idea that there are also grafted roses. I planted nine roses in my flower garden, and gave one to my neighbor. In the summer, all the roses bloom. I was delighted, could not stop admiring such beauty. The neighbor was also pleased, he thanked me several times for the gift.

He got a yellow rose of the Gloria variety, which he had long dreamed of. In the fall, I cut and covered the roses as advised in the books for caring for roses, and began to wait for spring. What was my disappointment when in the spring I opened my roses - all the plants died. And my neighbor managed to keep the rose as a gift, and she continued to delight him. From that time on, I decided to learn as much as possible about roses.

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cuttings of roses
cuttings of roses

Shank for planting

I received a lot of advice from Alexander Vasilyevich. He became my first guide to the world of roses. Unfortunately, after his death, the neighbor's rose garden withered away, out of all the splendor 3-4 rose bushes remained, but several of his roses grow in my garden.

I grew them, like many other roses, from green cuttings. Before I succeeded, I had to try several methods until I found my way. Of course, it is not easy to grow roses from green cuttings in a summer cottage, but it is quite possible. According to my method, cuttings from climbing roses take root by 90%, and hybrid tea - by 70%.

The survival rate of roses from green cuttings is influenced by:

- soil preparation before planting;

- the quality of the green cutting;

- rose variety;

- feeding;

- special care;

- overwintering of cuttings of the first year.

cuttings of roses
cuttings of roses

Cuttings of roses in a mini-greenhouse

Most of the self-rooted roses die from freezing in the first year after planting. This is due to the ability of plants to accumulate carbohydrates in the roots and stems. The higher the carbohydrate content, the better the plant tolerates frost.

Climbing and polyanthus roses accumulate the most carbohydrates. The carbohydrate content of hybrid tea roses is much lower, therefore, their resistance to low temperatures is the lowest. Therefore, in the first year of the growing season, it is very important to properly feed the plant so that it grows well and has time to accumulate carbohydrates in the roots and stems. In the fall, I usually prepare a cold greenhouse for growing seedlings of vegetables and flowers: I pour a sifted humus layer of 1.5-2 cm on the soil surface and mix it.

In spring or early summer, after the seedlings grown in the greenhouse are planted in the beds, the greenhouse is ready to grow roses from green cuttings. I no longer add any fertilizers to the soil. If you grow roses from cuttings in a garden bed, then you need to add humus - 50% of the norm, that is, no more than 3 kg per 1 m2, since its excess, as well as a lack of fertilizers, will badly affect the formation of roots.

cuttings of roses
cuttings of roses

Moisten the leaves of the rose cut

It is best to harvest cuttings in the morning during the period of the most intense shoot growth. I choose a mature young shoot (this year's growth) as thick as a pencil, preferably before full flowering, but I use cuttings after flowering.

I remove flowers or flower buds. I cut the cuttings so that they have three buds. I make the upper cut straight, above the kidney, the lower one - oblique, directly under the kidney. I remove the lower leaves and thorns, and leave the upper leaves (if the leaves are large, then I shorten them by half).

Before planting in a greenhouse, the cuttings must be soaked in a solution of heteroauxin (1 tablet per 1 liter of water) for 12-15 hours, immersing them 2-3 cm.I tried to use other regulators of root formation, but the result was worse.

cuttings of roses
cuttings of roses

How will new leaves appear, remove the bottle

I plant the prepared cutting so that the bottom leaf is just above ground level. I compact the earth around the cutting, water it abundantly, cover it with a five-liter bottle of drinking water, having previously cut off the bottom of it, and close the bottle with a lid. It is now important to maintain high humidity inside the bottle.

To do this, as often as possible, as time permits, especially in hot weather, I spray water on the handle by opening the bottle lid. So I create conditions under which a water film is maintained on the leaves of the plant and the air temperature decreases. This is very important for rooting the cuttings.

To prevent disease, I spray the cuttings with a pink solution of potassium permanganate several times. I protect the cuttings from direct sunlight. After a while, a root influx (callus) develops at the end of the cutting, and after 2-4 weeks, roots are formed.

cuttings of roses
cuttings of roses

Cuttings with new shoots after overwintering in the cellar

From this point on, I begin to gradually harden the cutting, opening the bottle lid first for 1 hour, then for 2 hours, and so on. As soon as new shoots appear, I take off the bottle and feed the plant with complex fertilizer (N: P: K = 1: 2: 1) 50% of the norm.

In this way, cuttings can be planted from June to early August. In the fall, I carefully transplant all the seedlings of hybrid tea roses into flower pots and store them in the cellar until spring. I leave the seedlings of climbing roses in the greenhouse for the winter. Before covering them, I remove all the leaves, cut off too long shoots.

I cover the seedlings with loose earth. The earth should fill all the space between the shoots. I cover the top with a cardboard box, and cover the box with polyethylene or other moisture-proof material.

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