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Daffodils - Groups And Varieties. Part 2
Daffodils - Groups And Varieties. Part 2

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The rich world of daffodils


Narcissus. Delnashaugh-4 wp grade

Group 11. Split-Corona. The flower crown is, as it were, broken by 1/3 of its length or more; the edges of the crown (and sometimes the petals) are fringed. This group is subdivided, according to the International classification, into two more: "A" - split-corona (11a). In these flowers, the segments of the crown and perianth lobes are located opposite each other; "B" - type papillon (11b) "butterflies".

Trilune-11-a wy is a very beautiful and rather rare variety. The bright yellow crown is divided into three parts, like a shamrock. Variety Palmares 11 a wp is a very beautiful, exquisite variety: on not very high peduncles there are beautiful white-pink daffodils, the cut crown is slightly compressed. Medium flowering variety; if the daffodil is planted in the shade, it will be very long.

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Group 12. Others. All narcissists who do not fit the definition of the previous groups.

Group 13. Species (All species). This is a special group that includes species daffodils. I was very lucky to be able to see two very rare daffodils from this group. Johnstonss - queen-of-. Spain 3 w-y is a special natural hybrid obtained from crossing between Narcissus pseudonarcissus e Narcissus triandrus.

Found and divorced in Spain. It has large bell-shaped flowers.

But Narcissus jonquilla 'Odorus Plenus' 13 YY is an old selection of jonquil giunchiglia, which has beautiful double flowers. It is also called Double Campernellen. Has a very pleasant aroma. Flowering medium late.

Pink daffodils


Narcissus. Рink Сhampagne-4 ​​wp variety

It was impossible to remain indifferent at the exhibition, but I was especially struck by the magical beauty of pink daffodils. This shade gives beautiful daffodils even more charm. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the real sensation was an event: in 1921, an Englishwoman Mrs. R.O.Beckhouse (her name was Sarah Elizabeth) brought out a daffodil with a pink crown. It was a big event in the world of daffodils. The first pink daffodil was named after an Englishwoman - Mrs. RO Beckhouse, and he became the ancestor of many varieties and hybrids that continue to be called pink, although they belong to different groups of classification.

These exquisite daffodils are in the group of tubular (group 1), double (group 4), cyclomenoid (group 6), Jonquillia (group 7), split-crown (group 11).

I managed to see and take a photo of a unique variety of daffodil - Cotinga 6 wp.

It clearly shows how the pink color manifests itself. Narcissus blooms, having a pink color of the crown, in the middle of flowering the pink color fades, turns pale, turning into a creamy white.

In most split-crown daffodils, the pink color of the crown is so delicate that it then almost imperceptibly turns into white.

Apple pie 11-a wp belongs to 11 group "A" - split. The crown is very beautifully shaped and has a pale yellow tint, gradually turning into pink. Flowering medium late.


Narcissus. Lorikeet-1 yp variety

Lorikeet-1-yp has a very unusual shape and color: a light yellow perianth, and a pink crown ends with a delicate ruffle frill.

Pink-champagne - 4-wp - very beautiful daffodil! Belongs to terry varieties with a snow-white perianth and a pink crown. Bred in Ireland. Blooms in May.

Precocious 2 wp sourced in America. Perianth lobes are snow-white, tightly adjacent to each other. Crown 3 cm long, bowl-shaped, dark pink with a corrugated edge. The aroma is very pleasant, delicate. Flowering period is medium-late.

Delnashaugh-4 wp. I really liked this beautiful white-pink terry daffodil on a high stem - a peduncle. It was bred in England.

The heart of the firm

Enrico, who, he said, enjoyed my reaction to the exhibition, even invited me to an office inaccessible to the average visitor. It was a huge room, crowded with racks, on which there were boxes of bulbs, numbered, with codes, certificates, one might say - passports. There were also parcels that were being prepared for dispatch according to the orders of buyers.

Therefore, the “presidential” table of the head of the company was squeezed in a corner, next to it was the table of the heir, ally and continuer of the father’s life. Here Enrico talked a little about growing and caring for daffodils.

Spring greeting


Narcissus. Stadium-2 wy variety

Daffodils are truly extraordinary, striking flowers. They should be appreciated even for the fact that they can grow and please with their flowering literally in a handful of earth. Delicate, luxurious, high and low. And they can all be planted in one low vase.

You just need to remember that they will not bloom next year under such conditions, therefore, as soon as the leaves fade, you need to remove the bulbs, dry them and keep them in a cool, dark place until the next planting.

Daffodils are also subdivided according to flowering periods: early, medium and late, so the selected varieties will delight in thousands of shades, from January to June. This is a truly versatile plant that looks great anywhere in the garden, on the balcony or terrace.

There are secrets in caring for a bunch of beautiful cut daffodils, which can not leave anyone indifferent. When collecting a bunch, flowers should not be plucked, but cut off. Before putting the daffodil in a vase with other flowers, it must be placed in water separately for 12 hours to remove a viscous, caustic liquid that can destroy other flowers in the bouquet.

What a daffodil loves


Narcissus. Trilune-11a wy

Daffodils do not need special conditions for the growing season, but some rules for caring for them must still be followed.

When planting, choose the place most suitable for the conditions of where the variety comes from. Choose the warmest and sunniest place in the garden.

Although the daffodil is not picky about the soil, he still does not like it if it contains peat.

When planting bulbs, especially on heavy soils, do not deeply deepen them, but on light, sandy soils, the bulbs are planted to a depth of three parts of their size.

During the flowering period and immediately after it, until the leaves are completely dry, care must be taken to keep the ground moist. With dry autumn, winter and spring, it is necessary to water the plantings, but do not allow the bulbs to get wet.

The ideal fertilizer for daffodils is phosphorus and potassium, but low in nitrogen.


Narcissus. Tahiti-4 yr grade

At the end of June - in July, dried leaves must be removed. At the same time, it is necessary to make a cleaning bath for the bulbs by adding a solution of fungicides to the irrigation water.

Narcissus does not require the use of chemical insect repellents, as it is not damaged by pests. In one place, it can grow for 5-6 years.

Leaving, I thought that the daffodil - a flower that gives great pleasure with its beauty and the memory of an unforgettable scent, is a gentle message from Nature itself about the coming of Spring. I took away a basket filled with the bulbs of the most amazing flower on Earth - the daffodil, which will give me a “sunny lawn” in the garden next year.

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