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Hazel - Hazel On Your Site
Hazel - Hazel On Your Site

Video: Hazel - Hazel On Your Site

Video: Hazel - Hazel On Your Site
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Curly beauty hazel


In 2004, in one of the gardening publications, I saw an unusual shrub with twisted shoots and yellow catkins.

It was a large specimen of hazel, and it flaunted against the background of the conifers of a very respectable cottage. Absolutely fascinated by this handsome man, I set about looking for information and the plant itself.

There was not a lot of information at that time, but they all assured that the shrub is winter-hardy, although it grows slowly, prefers light, non-acidic soils, and is decorative due to fancifully twisted intertwining branches.

My beauty turned out to be the Kontorta hazelnut, an expensive purchase, I tell you, especially a large one.

But then, and even now, it may not have mattered much, since the plant was worth it. During my search for the coveted hazel, many sellers first heard of such a bush, and someone himself dreamed of meeting it.

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I was lucky, and I found a fairly significant specimen - a little over a meter. Without a doubt, this is the most exotic species of hazel - shoots like long strands of a girl, twisted and styled into an amazing hairstyle.

This hazel is especially beautiful in winter and in the pre-spring season, when yellow inflorescences (catkins) grow abundantly on it.

We planted our beauty on a sunny open place on the lawn. After evaluating her capabilities, namely, longevity, it grows up to a hundred years and the size reaches 3-4 meters, it was decided to give her a solo part. It turned out that our sympathies with her are mutual, and she perfectly took root and started to grow.

From various sources, I knew that although they advertise its winter hardiness, frosts above 20 ° C are dangerous for it, and therefore we shelter it from the very first wintering. I'll tell you how. I cut dry reeds, trying to maintain its maximum height, and weave a large carpet from it with twine.

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With the onset of frost, I set 3-4 bamboo sticks around the perimeter of the crown, obliquely to the center, in the form of a hut, and when stable frosts come, I wrap the shrub with a woven carpet.

The bamboo frame helps to protect the branches from breakage in strong and frosty winds, and in more severe frosts, I wrap the hazel on top of the hut with nonwoven fabric (lutrasil 30 microns).

In the spring, we remove the rug, roll it up and put it in the woodshed until next winter. With the same rugs (I have them reusable) and using the same technology with lutrasil, I cover all my roses.

The curly pet grows and develops from year to year, despite our very acidic soils and "tricky" winters. We fertilize it once a season with fertilizer Kemir universal, and we are delighted and proud - all the time.

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