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Gooseberry Cosmetic Masks
Gooseberry Cosmetic Masks

Video: Gooseberry Cosmetic Masks

Video: Gooseberry Cosmetic Masks
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Pursuit of beauty

Like many other berry and vegetable plants, gooseberry juice and pulp are widely used in cosmetics. It is usually recommended for normal to dry skin. The juice nourishes and whitens her well. The usual course is 15-20 masks.

Consider several options for the most common gooseberry masks.

Option 1

Mash the berries, squeeze out the juice. In this juice, moisten and lightly squeeze a thin layer of cotton wool or a napkin made of several layers of gauze and apply on the face for 15-20 minutes. The frequency of procedures is 2-3 times a week.

Option 2

Dilute a quarter glass of milk with the same amount of gooseberry juice. In this mixture, moisten a layer of cotton wool, which to apply on the face for 15-20 minutes.

Option 3

Grind a teaspoon of cottage cheese with the same amount of liquid honey and add 2 teaspoons of gooseberry juice. Densely lubricate the face with this mixture, after 10-15 minutes wash with cold water. The mask is recommended for thin, sensitive skin.

Option 4

You can also make a mask simply from pounded gooseberries. The mass is applied for 15-20 minutes.

Option 5

You can add honey or the yolk of a chicken egg to the gooseberry gruel, then apply the prepared mixture on your face for 15 minutes.

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