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AVA Fertilizer - Healthy Harvest, Land And Us
AVA Fertilizer - Healthy Harvest, Land And Us

Video: AVA Fertilizer - Healthy Harvest, Land And Us

Video: AVA Fertilizer - Healthy Harvest, Land And Us
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The time for planting seedlings will come soon. In order for your efforts to grow it to be rewarded with a good harvest, it is recommended to fertilize before planting seedlings in the ground. For feeding seedlings, the complex mineral fertilizer AVA is ideally suited, which has unique properties that allow you to qualitatively nourish plants, get a high yield and preserve nature.

The AVA fertilizer dissolves gradually in the soil over several years. The fertilizer carefully interacts with plant roots, dissolving mainly under the influence of organic acids that they release. This allows the plants to independently choose the necessary and only correct diet for them.

The AVA fertilizer provides nutrition to the beneficial soil microflora, and is perfectly combined with plant protection products and organic fertilizers, enhancing and prolonging their effect.

AVA fertilizer does not harm the environment, because it does not contain harmful impurities and is safe for soil and groundwater. After assimilation of all macro- and microelements by plant roots, the fertilizer does not leave products in the soil leading to its chemical pollution. This quality favorably distinguishes the AVA fertilizer from all other classical mineral fertilizers used today.

AVA fertilizer is available in two forms - granular and powder.

The granular form has a prolonged action and dissolves in the soil for up to three years. This opens up great opportunities for using AVA as a basic fertilizer.

AVA fertilizer in powder form is valid for a year. It is recommended to use it for fertilizing the soil under annual crops and for seasonal feeding.

Apply AVA fertilizer when planting vegetable seedlings. This will improve the survival rate of seedlings, enhance the development of the root system and accelerate the flowering process. To do this, when planting seedlings in the ground, it is enough to add 3-5 g of fertilizer in the form of a powder to the root zone of the plant.

fertilizer AVA
fertilizer AVA

AVA fertilizer can be applied to the soil not only with seedlings, but also together with seeds. Use

AVA fertilizerwhen sowing annual and perennial flowers, as well as vegetables and green crops. This will significantly increase seed germination and stress resistance of future plants.

Application of AVA fertilizer also gives excellent results when growing large ornamental and fruit plants (trees, shrubs) and feeding lawns.

Using AVA fertilizers, you fertilize the soil with high quality for a long time.

Choosing AVA fertilizer, you get:

  • Ease of use
  • Minimum soil application rates
  • Effective fertilizer action up to three years
  • A complete set of macro- and microelements
  • Acceleration of plant growth and development
  • Increased yield
  • Safety for people, animals, soil and groundwater

Grow more and better with AVA fertilizer for your land care!

Manufacturer: JSC "AGROVIT", St. Petersburg, st. Predportovaya, 8, lit. A (812) 777-01-41