How To Choose The Right Greenhouse
How To Choose The Right Greenhouse

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If you want to solve the greenhouse issue once and for all - buy a greenhouse with a polycarbonate cover. After all, this honeycomb plastic perfectly transmits light, and the longitudinal stiffeners give the panels (2.1 m wide and 6 m long) the necessary strength.

The frost resistance of the material is also unique, because the panels are designed for use at temperatures up to minus 50 ° C (no load) and up to minus 40 ° C (with load). If you want a polycarbonate greenhouse to last for more than one decade, choose a material with a protective layer against UV rays.

Polycarbonate transmits soft ultraviolet light, useful for plants, and protects against the harmful effects of hard radiation; has low fragility; does not require a strong foundation for the greenhouse; does not collapse if the frame is accidentally skewed.

When choosing a polycarbonate greenhouse, it is imperative to pay attention to the following frame characteristics:

  • the thickness of the metal profile is at least 1.5 mm;
  • the distance between the ties should be no more than 1 m;
  • the absence of drilled holes in the frame - this increases the strength of the greenhouse.
  • availability of reliable anti-corrosion protection of the entire structure;
  • snow load of at least 50 kg / m2 (for climatic conditions of the middle lane).

When developing models of polycarbonate greenhouses, the specialists of our company "Life at the Dacha" took into account all these features (see the table of the company's assortment). Let's take a closer look at the model "Life at the Dacha - PVC 3", which is popular among gardeners. The frame is made of a round PVC profile - it is lightweight, durable, does not rot, does not corrode and does not require painting. The structure can withstand snow load up to 85 kg / m2. And also PVC frame and polycarbonate have the same coefficient of expansion when heated, and the coating does not "slide" along it, as it happens on metal structures.

Since polycarbonate and PVC frame materials are quite lightweight, there is no need to build a strong foundation and do concrete work. The greenhouse is installed on "piles": under each arch of the frame, a 1 m long stake with a special plastic nozzle is driven into the ground. An arc is put on the stake and fixed with self-tapping screws. This allows you to quickly assemble the frame and easily align its elements, as well as rearrange the structure to a new place at any time. In order for the roof to withstand a force of up to 85 kg / m2, the greenhouse uses a supporting frame ridge in the form of a truss, which provides special strength.

New models of greenhouses - "Life at the Dacha - M" are made of a steel square shaped pipe 20x20x1.5 mm, clad in a PVC sheath, which protects the frame from corrosion. This technology makes it possible to extend the life of the frame and gives the greenhouse on the site a more aesthetic appearance. The PVC-sheathed steel frame is more practical to use than galvanized or painted metal frames.

In the new designs, the number of longitudinal ties has been increased to 7 pieces, which makes it possible to avoid pushing polycarbonate under the weight of snow. Another important advantage of our greenhouse frames: there are no holes in the arches. By the way, for ease of transportation, each arc consists of two parts. Greenhouses of the "M" series are of 4 types in width, the length can be any, with a step of 2 meters.

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