How To Choose The Right Pumpkin
How To Choose The Right Pumpkin

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Pumpkin melon
Pumpkin melon

Pumpkin melon

I have tried so many pumpkin varieties. After testing, he left only the largest and sweetest varieties. I made some conclusions for myself, which I will share with the readers. I believe that only the sweetest and most fruitful varieties should be chosen.

For example, in large-fruited varieties such as Goliath and Bing-Mung, the taste of the pulp is bland, tasteless, as a result, a lot of sugar is required to process the crop, although the size of the fruits is, of course, amazing. As a result of many years of testing and careful selection, I decided to leave only the following types and varieties of pumpkins in the garden: pumpkin-melon, Hawaiian guitar, Tambov souvenir, pumpkin-cucumber, Pineapple pumpkin No. 1, Pineapple pumpkin No. 2.

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I will try to briefly describe these varieties: pumpkin-melon has a whitish-gray color. The most record weight that I could grow was 40 kg. Its pulp is bright orange. It is very thick, its taste is sweet with a very distant melon flavor. It differs from other varieties in that it can be consumed fresh. Its seeds are white.

Ukulele variety: Pumpkin slightly resembles a guitar in appearance. The special difference between its fruits is that all its seeds are collected in one place - at one end of the pumpkin, the rest of the pumpkin is a solid mass of pulp without waste. You can cut it like a sausage, stew and fry. There is no waste at all, only a little where the seeds are collected. The pumpkin has an elongated shape, sometimes straight fruits grow, sometimes curved. Another difference is a very high yield of fruits. I even began to notice that the best seeds are found in small pumpkins or even very small ones. The taste of the pulp is similar to the taste of carrot pulp, the seeds are small in size, gray in color.

Tambov souvenir
Tambov souvenir

Pumpkin Tambov souvenir

The Tambov souvenir is a variety of its own selection, it had to be altered three times. The record weight is 80 kg, but more often fruits grow up to 25-30 kg or 40 kg.

To get a huge fruit of this variety, only one fruit needs to be left on the plant. An elongated pumpkin is slightly heart-like. It is light orange in color with stripes. The taste of pumpkin is sweet, the pulp is bright orange-red, the seeds are very large and thick yellow. A special feature of this pumpkin is the sweet taste of the pulp, it can be eaten fresh.

Gourd-cucumber forms fruits of small sizes - up to 10 kg, round, whitish-green. The pulp tastes excellent with a fresh cucumber aftertaste. It's great for fresh salads. This pumpkin can be stored almost until the next harvest, however, with long storage, the seeds germinate and are no longer suitable for planting. The preferred shelf life is to let the pumpkin sit for six months. Then the seeds will be of good quality.

Pumpkin Pineapple No. 1. Pumpkin of grayish-white color weighing up to 10 kg, small size. The pulp is bright orange. Pumpkin is very sweet and thick-walled, fleshy, large white seeds.

Pineapple No. 2 - pumpkin weighing up to 8 kg, grayish-white elongated color, like Pineapple No. 1. The pulp is orange-red, sweet taste with a strong odor, the seeds of this variety are yellow.

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The most suitable place to plant pumpkins is sandy soil. This is the most favorable location for this culture. For planting, you need to dig a trench in the fall with a depth of 1.5 to 1.8 meters and a width of 0.7-0.8 meters. It is necessary to fill the trench more than half with organic matter, for example, use all the waste that remains with you after harvesting, underwent vegetables and fruits. After that, all organic matter must be well shed with water, and then covered with a top layer of soil. And in the spring, plant pumpkins at this place, and they will grow by leaps and bounds.

Pumpkin harvest
Pumpkin harvest

Pumpkins need to be planted with seedlings. I plant the seeds in special cups that are sold in garden stores. They are made from peat mixture. It is very convenient, you do not have to injure the plants when transplanting. You need to lower the peat pot in water and wait for it to swell - in about half an hour. And then you need to carefully plant the pumpkin in place, and the plant will not even suffer during transplantation.

To everyone I can sell the seeds of my proven pumpkin varieties, all of which I mentioned above. Write to the address: 392032, Tambov, Nikolay Virta street, 106 B, apt. 73. Uryupin Igor Nikolaevich, amateur gardener. Be sure to include a blank envelope with your home address to reply. I will send everyone my catalog with seeds of rare and very interesting vegetables, fruit and berry crops.

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