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Harvesting And Storing Leeks
Harvesting And Storing Leeks

Video: Harvesting And Storing Leeks

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Video: How to Harvest and Store Leeks 2023, February

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Leek cleaning and storage

leek harvest
leek harvest

Considering that the root system of the leek itself is located quite deeply, as well as our numerous hilling, it is easy to guess that it will not work to pull out the leek plant in one jerk.

The breakage is extremely undesirable: exactly that part of the plant will remain in the soil, for the sake of which you tried for six months. Therefore, when harvesting leeks, you have to dig in with a shovel or pitchfork. Better, of course, with a pitchfork, then the likelihood of damage to plants will be lower.

In August, plants are harvested selectively, as needed. For winter storage - in late September-early October, although it is possible a little later, but until severe frosts. For storage by leeks, green leaves and roots are cut off by about 2/3 of their length, and then they are placed slightly obliquely or vertically in a box and the root system is covered with slightly damp sand. The box is then placed in the cellar, where the temperature is maintained at 1 … 3 ° C and the relative humidity of 80%.

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Or you can simply freeze the onion, and it will also be perfectly stored. In this case, it is naturally cleaned of bad leaves, cut off the roots, washed and cut into pieces 3-4 cm long, blanched for 4-5 minutes, cooled and folded into plastic bags. Then the bags are placed in the freezer.

In addition, leeks up to 3-4 months can be perfectly preserved in the refrigerator (of course, we are talking about a small amount) in a regular plastic bag.

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