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Growing Japanese Pear-shaped Gourds
Growing Japanese Pear-shaped Gourds

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Ishiki Kuri and Oranje Hokkaido are Japanese pear-shaped pumpkins

japanese pear-shaped gourd
japanese pear-shaped gourd

Gardening on personal plots is not only about obtaining fresh vegetables - it is rather a massive form of hobby, but for many it is an art that is mastered by both villagers and townspeople at their dachas. How to achieve success in cultivation, where to find an outlandish variety that, with unpretentiousness and simplicity of agricultural technology, would surpass other varieties in yield and taste?

People have been striving for this for years, comprehending the wisdom of agriculture. If you single out gardening in a separate direction, then no hobby will be so massive. Many thousands of people are constantly engaged in the search for an unusual variety, and finding it is a real holiday for them.

I want to tell you about two varieties of Japanese pumpkin selection

Of course, Japanese seeds are not sold in our stores. They come to us mainly through Europe or China. We are talking about unusually sweet pear-shaped pumpkins of orange color with orange flesh of Uchiki Kuri and Oranje Hokkaido varieties (Ishiki Kari and Orange Hokkaido).

Interestingly, the Ishiki Kari variety corresponds to the name of one Japanese character, since resembles him in appearance. The pear shape is even more pronounced in the Orange Hokkaido variety. I have tried dozens of pumpkin varieties on my site. There are good varieties, although they are not so common. But these two varieties amazed me. They, despite the small size of the fruits - from 2 to 4 kg - belong to the large-fruited species (Cucurbita maxima Duch), but within this species they belong to the subspecies of small-fruited, or portioned, pumpkins. The small size is convenient for eating without further worries associated with storing the cut fruit.

Over the decades of testing, I have repeatedly come across different Japanese pear-shaped varieties of the Hokkaido group, but this is the first time I encountered Ishiki Kari's phenomenal yield. The summer of 2006 was extremely cold and rainy. In early June, two Ishiki Kari plants were planted in open ground in a two-week seedling stage (Orange Hokkaido was grown in a different area to avoid cross-pollination).

The soil is ordinary, rich in humus, the place is open, sunny. I did not pinch the lashes and pinch during the cultivation, I only weeded the weeds. I didn't have to water, because the summer was rainy. In mid-August, 32 fruits weighing 2 to 4 kg were harvested from two plants at once. The remaining flowers and ovaries were left to bear fruit. In September, before the frost, 17 more fruits were harvested; after the first frost, the growing season stopped.

To obtain seeds and maintain the purity of the variety, I did not grow other varieties of large-fruited pumpkins on the site (Stofuntovaya, Titan, Goliath, etc.). The seeds of large-fruited pumpkins are glossy, large, matte or white - these signs should be known when planting pumpkin seeds of unfamiliar varieties, so as not to plant pumpkins of the same type next to them, if you want to take seeds from them (in our country, two more types of pumpkins are widespread: hard and nutmeg).

japanese pear-shaped gourd
japanese pear-shaped gourd

In August, after the harvest, Ishiki Kari and Orange Hokkaido immediately gave them a tasting. The undoubted advantage of these varieties is the complete suitability of freshly picked fruits for food. Sweet, like carrots, dense pulp up to 5 cm thick is good in a salad raw, and fried in butter or breadcrumbs with a crust becomes very tender and reminds someone of the taste of fried chestnuts, and to someone of hazelnuts. These varieties are good in all respects: early ripening (fruits ripen in 90-95 days), cold-resistant, disease-resistant, very productive.

Fruits are medium-sized, sweet, with a delicate pleasant aroma, stored until spring. Try and grow such pumpkins. I will send the seeds.

I also send seeds of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, pumpkins, and also seeds of all kinds of vegetable, spicy, ornamental crops; seedlings of frost-resistant grapes, apple trees, pears, cherries, sweet cherries and other crops. Send an envelope with a return address: 140080, Moscow Region, Zhukovsky, PO Box 135. Best regards, Yuri Valentinovich.

The pictures show a harvest of Japanese pear-shaped gourds; pumpkins of Japanese breeding Ishiki Kari and Orange Hokkaido.

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