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October Folk Signs
October Folk Signs

Video: October Folk Signs

Video: October Folk Signs
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What the weather will be like in October, when winter comes - we will find out by signs


In Russia, October was given a lot of names ("grubber", "gloomy", "podzimnik", "listopadnik", "listoder", "zimnik", "kisselnik", "whorl", "wedding"), which reflected both natural phenomena, and the events in the village that fall on these autumn days.

With October, there are many signs about the weather, expressed in proverbs and sayings. They expected different quirks from him, it was not without reason that they believed that in October "in the autumn bad weather there are seven weather in the yard: sowing, blowing, twisting, stirring up, roaring, pouring from above and sweeping from below." Sometimes people said about October: "The autumn lace has chilled out with the winds."

According to natural signs, it was believed: clouds float from north to south - towards sunny weather, from south to north - towards bad weather. Low dark clouds foreshadow cold, and maybe snow. If the sun rises quickly and shines brightly, the weather will change. If in October the evening dawn is crimson, yellow-gold or pink, but not red, wait for clear weather. There will be many clouds in the form of stripes at sunset - wait for rain, and the appearance of even a lonely cloud on the horizon leads to a change in the weather.

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On the fifth day after the new moon, there is almost always a strong wind. A young month or a new moon appears in windy weather - the wind will be all month long. The sky is clear in the evening, but large circles are visible near the moon - there will be frost, these circles will turn out to be reddish and blurry - snowfall with wind is possible. Thunder will thunder in October - winter will not come soon and will be with little snow. From what date in October it will snow, from that date spring will open in April, but the first snow does not promise an early winter (they said: "The first powder is not a sled route") and often falls 40 days before winter ("From the first snow to sled the way the cart is still running for weeks to five "). October is good - close to powder. In October, the moon is in circles - the summer will be dry.

If the cranes fly to Arina (October 1), then we must wait for the first snow on Pokrov (October 14) and maybe even frost. If they delay with flight, then not a single frost will hit until Artyom's day (November 2).

On Zosim Solovetsky (October 2), beekeepers clean up the hives, collect honey, say: "Put the hives in the cellar, rule on the honey holiday."

Astafiy (October 3) is famous for his winds: according to their direction, they judge the upcoming weather. They will blow from the north, which means to the cold, from the south ("yuzhak") - to the warmth, from the west - to the phlegm, and from the east - to the bucket. They look: it is foggy and warm, and a long white web flies through the air during the day, then the autumn is favorable, the snow will not fall soon.

It is believed that the weather on October 4 usually remains unchanged for 4 weeks. It is clear with a sharp northeasterly wind - a cold winter must be expected.

If by Foque and Ion (October 5) the leaf from the birch has not fallen, the snow will fall late. And if he goes to bed in due time, then in late January - early February there will be a long thaw.

On Thekla-zarevnitsa (October 7) they pulled beets. From this time on, the day goes down sharply, and the nights get dark, the dawns become crimson.

The earliest beginning of winter is celebrated on Sergius of Radonezh (October 8). The weather of this day is used to judge the whole winter. The weather turns out to be good, it will stand for three whole weeks. Departure of cranes until this day - in the early, cold winter. If the first snow falls on this day, then November 8 will be the same (wait for winter in all its glory on Mikhailov Day - November 21). If it won't snow - it won't be on December 7. It will settle down on the damage of the moon and on wet ground - winter will begin soon. The wind blows from the south - towards a warm winter, from the north or east - towards a cold one. The first snow with leafless cherry - winter is about to set. By this day, a leaf from an oak and birch will fall cleanly - by an easy year, otherwise it will be a severe winter. They chop the first cabbage, which is why they used to say in the old days: "September smells like an apple, and October smells like cabbage."

If snow continues to fall on John the Theologian (October 9) from the 8th, then the period of winter may shift to November 6, and the first snow will happen on this day - winter will begin on Mikhailov's Day. And there will be a bucket - it will stand for another two weeks.

On Savvaty-api (October 10) they are finishing the harvesting of bee hives for the winter.

On the day of Ilya Muromets (October 11), the hare changed its fur coat - wait for winter soon.

If snow falls on Grigoriev day (October 13) - on the eve of the Intercession, then winter will not come soon. The foliage will not fall off oak and birch trees - be a harsh winter.

In the old days they noticed: what is the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos (October 14), so is winter; for Pokrov, autumn is before lunchtime, winter is winter after lunch. Whence the wind to Pokrov - from there frosts will begin: from the north - to cold weather, from the south - to warm, from the west - to snowy weather. If snow fell on Pokrov, then it will be on Dmitriev day (November 8). Didn't cover the ground (with snow) - it won't cover even at Christmas.

On Ustinya the litter (October 15), the beginning of the mass leavening of cabbage for the winter was more often.

From Erofei (October 17) severe cold weather and prolonged morning cold snaps begin.

Late leaf fall will happen on Thomas (October 19) - wait for a harsh long winter. Calmness - to close cold snap.

If snow falls on Sergius of the winter (October 20), while the trees have not yet dropped their foliage, then it will not lie down for a long time, it will melt quickly and not earlier than November Matryona (October 22), winter will rise to its feet. The sign says: "Daytime snow does not lie, but the first reliable snow will fall at night."

From Tryphon - chills and Pelageya (October 21) it gets colder and colder, so they noticed: "Tryphon repairs a fur coat, Pelageya sews mittens."

Jacob - woodcutter (October 22) "calls to the forest": it's time to prepare firewood for the winter.

On Evlampy, the winter indicator (October 23), the horns of the month on the other side indicate where the winds will come from: if at midnight (to the north) - there will be early winter and the snow will fall on dry land; if at noon (to the south) - do not expect an early winter, there will be mud and slush until Kazan (November 4) - "Autumn will not wash off with snow, will not dress up in a white caftan." Much mud on this day - four weeks before winter.

There will be mud and slush on Zinaida (October 24), winter will not dress up to Kazan in a white caftan.

They observe the stars on Provo Day (October 25): bright stars - to frost, dim ones - to thaw. Strong twinkling of stars with predominantly blue shades - towards the snow. Many bright stars - to the harvest of peas.

Tit on Karpov day (October 26) presses to the hut - which means that winter is already in the yard.

Bright stars on Paraskeva-grubby (October 27) - for a good harvest, but it will be damp and dirty in the yard - there will be a lot of dirt (before dry snow, before real winter) for another 4 weeks. If the mud is large, the horse's hoof floods with water, then the snow that falls immediately sets the winter path.

Morning frost on Efimia autumn (October 28) - for clear weather.

Wet snow will fall on the hungry Luka (October 31) on the ground - you will no longer feed from it.

Phenologists have their own observations of natural phenomena. Complete yellowing of leaves in birch and aspen occurs on average on October 5, in summer oak - on October 6, Siberian larch - on October 8. End of leaf fall in Norway maple on October 12, birch - on October 13, gray alder - on October 14, aspen - on October 18, summer oak - on October 20, Siberian larch - on October 24.

The average monthly temperature of this month for St. Petersburg is + 4.8 ° С.