Plant Horoscopes, Which Zodiac Signs, Which Crops Are Suitable
Plant Horoscopes, Which Zodiac Signs, Which Crops Are Suitable

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They say that for the success of any magazine there must be three things in it: an astrological forecast, a crossword puzzle and a TV program. Therefore, I also decided to make my own contribution to the popularity of our beloved magazine with you, dear readers, and to present you with a certain forecast compiled for me by my childhood friend - astrologer Alexander Vronsky.

He was fond of astrology back in those ancient times, when it was banned in our country. These are now astrologers, like mushrooms after a rain, but then my friend was alone in the whole of Leningrad and shamelessly used the capabilities of the most powerful computer on which he worked in his research institute to comprehend ancient science, and my classmates and I ran after him in a crowd and asked everyone draw up a horoscope.

Once I complained to my friends that it was the fifth time I was sowing dill, but he didn’t want to sprout, or some miserable hairs were creeping out, immediately turning into color. An astrologer friend who heard our conversation sarcastically remarked that dill would never grow in me, and it would be better if my mother sows it, because he has studied our horoscopes well with her and has no doubt that dill is not my plant. By that time, I already understood something in astrology, so I was outraged and said that since I was born under the productive watermark of Scorpio, under which Michurin himself was born, then everything should bear fruit and ears, and my mother - Aries - dry up and burn out! It was then that my friend sketched out a table for me, which sign of the zodiac has what and how it grows, which I want to bring to your attention.

Zodiac signs
Zodiac signs

Indeed, have you ever wondered why, for example, two neighbors with equal climatic conditions, the same planting dates and normal hard work have completely different yields? People say, they say, "the hand is light." And why "light hand"? This is what a horoscope is for. Of course, I understand the whole approximation of this forecast. Moreover, I know that all astrological forecasts are made for typical representatives of signs, and these are only 12% of the total population, so the rest have to rely not on the stars, but on agronomic science. And yet, my table will certainly help someone not to waste energy and more rationally distribute responsibilities in the family… Let someone plant potatoes, and someone - flowers, the main thing is that the soul is in this business, especially if the stars are also to help you.

The last column of the table contains those plants, the cultivation of which is possible for the representative of this sign, but the harvest will never cover the energy expended on this matter. True, if you really want to, you can take a chance. But if there is no plant in the column opposite your zodiac sign, then either it is not typical for our climatic zone, or it is not your plant, let another family member take care of it.

I wish all of you big harvests and great satisfaction from your work!

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