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Treating Colitis And Belching With Diet And Herbs
Treating Colitis And Belching With Diet And Herbs

Video: Treating Colitis And Belching With Diet And Herbs

Video: Treating Colitis And Belching With Diet And Herbs
Video: Dane Johnson | Naturally Healing Crohns and Colitis 2023, March

Colitis is one of the most common diseases of the colon mucosa. It is considered intractable. It is dangerous to cleanse the intestines with enemas, this provokes the appearance of colitis, and if it is, then to its exacerbation. The disease is acute or chronic. In the first case, the cause is most often pathogens.

How to cure colitis

Chronic colitis develops in the presence of foci of infection in organs associated with the intestines (gallbladder, pancreas), as well as with prolonged monotonous diet, with the systematic consumption of large quantities of indigestible food, abuse of spicy food and alcohol. In addition, you should pay attention to the nature of the course of the disease, since the treatment system may depend on this.

Diet is of particular importance in the treatment of colitis. It is prohibited to use vegetables, fresh fruits, black bread, fresh white bread, pancakes, pies, pastry products, milk and dairy products, except for cottage cheese and kefir, cold dishes, cold drinks, snacks, spices, canned food, sausages, smoked meats, fatty varieties of beef, pork, lamb, as well as geese, duck, bacon and other fats, except for butter.

It is allowed to eat pureed cereals from various cereals, except for millet and buckwheat, boiled in water. White stale bread 150 g or white bread crackers. Sugar and butter 40-50 g per day. Food should be taken hot or warm at a strictly defined time, in small portions (5-6 times a day). Dishes should be cooked boiled or steamed, mashed.

With ulcerative colitis, it is useful to eat half a cup of walnut kernels between meals for 3-4 months. Instead of water, it is better to use a decoction of comfrey root, galangal and flaxseed. Treatment for a month with this regimen can lead to relief, and after four months, recovery can be expected.

· In acute and chronic colitis (with bleeding), brew 2 teaspoons of highlander snake (cancerous necks) in a glass of boiling water. Take 2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day. After the pain subsides and the bleeding stops, drink 1 tablespoon of the broth. Daily use of oatmeal is very useful.

· For severe pain and cramps in the stomach, use chamomile flowers, St. John's wort, plantain leaves. 2 tablespoons of the collection are poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted for 1 hour. Take 1/2 cup 2 times a day.

For pains and stomach cramps, take 1/2 cup 3 times a day a decoction of wormwood (Chernobyl). The broth is prepared from two tablespoons of wormwood herb in a glass of water, boiled for 5 minutes. You can use a tincture made from wormwood and vodka 1:10. Insist 7 days and take a tablespoon 3 times a day. You can take wormwood herb powders, sprinkle them with sugar, 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

For chronic colitis, compose a collection of 3-4 types of herbs (in equal parts), choosing from those that are at hand and are well known to you: mint leaf, valerian rhizomes, chamomile flowers, sage leaf, St. John's wort herb, plantain leaf, caraway fruits, blueberries, oregano herb, knotweed herb, shepherd's purse herb, motherwort herb, yarrow herb, nettle leaf. Take 2 tablespoons of the collection and insist 1 hour in a glass of boiling water. Drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day after meals.

For colitis and intestinal atony, brew 1 cup boiling water 2 tablespoons of toadflax herb with seeds, collected in August. Insist, wrapped, for 2 hours and take 3-4 times a day, 1 tablespoon, drink the remainder before bedtime. The course of treatment is up to two weeks.

For colitis with constipation, the following composition works well: figs, dried apricots, prunes 200 g each, 3 leaves of aloe (agave) and add 50 g of senna. Grind everything and divide into 20 parts, you can make balls, each of which is eaten at night; fresh juice of cinquefoil goose, which is taken 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day, diluted with water by half.

· For colitis with poor peristalsis, experienced traditional healers recommend using burdock fruit (Velcro, burdock). Take 5 seedlings (2 tablespoons with the top of the burdock) and infuse warm overnight in 1 glass of boiling water. Drink 4 times a day, 1/4 cup 30 minutes before meals. This infusion has a laxative effect and treats atrophic changes in the mucous membrane of the colon.

In case of constipation, it helps to improve bowel function by massaging the abdomen clockwise, then you need to move your palms along the abdomen towards each other and with two palms simultaneously up and down for 5-6 minutes in the morning.

· Before breakfast, be sure to drink a glass of hot water. It will improve blood circulation, wash away mucus, and take with it toxins and toxins that have accumulated in the intestines overnight.

How to cure belching

Now about belching. There are several ways to treat it. One of them is the use of goat milk - 1 glass (after meals: morning, lunch and evening). At the end of the third month, the belching will disappear and will never return.

An infusion of soothing herbs helps with belching. Pour 1 tbsp. l. mint leaves 1 cup boiling water, After 1 hour of infusion, drink in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime. Drink slowly, in small sips. A very good remedy is blueberries (berries, leaves). Berries should be eaten in 2-3 tbsp. l. 3 times a day, the leaves are boiled - 1 tbsp. l. in a glass of boiling water.

Fresh juice from black currant berries is very useful for all catarrhal conditions of the stomach. Strawberry leaves are taken in the form of tea and are useful for treating the stomach and intestines.

Oat grains (cereals) contain a lot of mucus and are especially good for healing, they are used to make soup or oatmeal jelly. Extract or infusion of birch mushroom (chaga) 1: 5 after 48 hours of infusion, drink 1 glass 3 times a day.

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