Small Periwinkle Is A Good Ornamental Plant For Your Garden
Small Periwinkle Is A Good Ornamental Plant For Your Garden

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Small periwinkle, its synonyms are vinca, burial ground, Ivan da Marya (Vinca minor L.) is an evergreen ground cover plant. In nature, it grows from the Baltic to the Black Sea in deciduous, mixed and pine forests, among shrubs, in clearings. In our North-West, periwinkle is found mainly - only in culture, in nature - an alien plant, as it easily runs wild.

Evergreen rhizome subshrub. Vegetative stem - recumbent, branched with elongated internodes up to 100–150 cm long, rooting at the nodes. Generative stems are vertical, 30–35 cm high. The roots are fibrous, emerging from nodes touching the soil.

Vinca leaves are opposite, elliptical, entire, leathery, shiny, green, up to 5 cm long. The flowers are single, very beautiful funnel-shaped on long peduncles. Corolla bright azure, less often light blue or pink, 18-25 mm in diameter with five petals. Periwinkle bloom is long lasting, from May to autumn.

Fruits are cylindrical double leaves. Seeds are oblong, poorly tied. The periwinkle reproduces vegetatively - by division, layering and cuttings, seeds - rarely.

Lives for several decades. Loves rich soils without waterlogging.

Periwinkle is quite thermophilic, in the absence of snow cover it freezes. It is shade-tolerant, but grows best in open areas or with medium shade. Without proper moisture, the plant quickly dies.

Periwinkle is poisonous, in small doses it is used for medicinal purposes. Raw materials are the entire aerial part of the plant. Vinca leaves contain the alkaloids vicain, minorin, vicamin, vinine and others. Preparations from it moderately lower blood pressure, dilate the vessels of the brain; are used in cerebral hypertension of the first and second degree, as an antihypertensive agent, relieve spasms and headaches, are used for nervous tachycardia.

Periwinkle is a wonderful ground cover plant, it creates a solid bright green carpet with bright blue flowers scattered over it. It is especially valuable for decorating semi-shady places, lawns, slopes. It blooms magnificently all summer. But it is grown primarily because of the magnificent decorative foliage.

Good periwinkle in borders, deciduous flower beds, rock gardens, as decoration of grottoes and ditches. He is a great substitute for the lawn.

In orchards, it is used as a ground cover plant in tree trunks. Periwinkle is very beautiful in bouquets, wreaths and garlands. It is also grown as a houseplant.

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