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Daffodils - Groups And Varieties
Daffodils - Groups And Varieties
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The rich world of daffodils


Daffodils. Grade Stadium 2 wy

In Italy, the name of the company Floriana Bulbose for the sale of bulbous plants, especially daffodils, needs no introduction.

Therefore, there are usually so many people who want to see the exhibition of blooming daffodils that you can get to it only by appointment.

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An exhibition worthy of an artist's brush

The exhibition was held at the villa of Enrico Shedzbala - the founder of this company, breeder scientist, member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), which is located in the small but very picturesque town of Monte Porzio Cattone near Rome

This private collection of daffodils is the most complete and extensive in Italy. She is also known abroad. Not only Italians come to see it, but also foreigners, including even the royal couple from Denmark, who left their rave reviews.

Love for life

Enrico's love for daffodils, as I later learned, was born quite by accident after he saw the land he had just acquired, covered with blooming wild daffodils. Since then, he began to grow them, conduct breeding experiments, collect the most beautiful and interesting varieties and hybrids from around the world.

So the delicate flower of narcissus - poetically, which Enrico later showed me, became the meaning of his life and the beginning of a family business.

The exhibition is the fruits of his work, which give joy from the first spring flowers flying in bulbs throughout Italy and around the world.

Daffodil kingdom


Daffodils. Ice wings 5 ​​ww variety

Going to this exhibition, I, of course, hoped to see interesting varieties of daffodils, but what I saw there exceeded all my expectations. Surrounded by dark green velvet cypresses, a sea of ​​more than one thousand three hundred daffodils fluttered under the gusts of the spring wind, among which it was impossible to find a single "double", and bright yellow freesia bushes and weigela trees, strewn with soft pink flowers, only emphasized it is a unique sight.

There were daffodils, small as coins, and very tall, with and without a delicate aroma, “passed” through the centuries, retaining their ancient exquisite beauty, and, conversely, new items in this family. Almost transparent, seemingly made of the finest silk, the petals of daffodils were: dazzling white, golden yellow, reminiscent of the rays of the sun, double color, bright orange, pink and had a wide variety of shapes.

Myths and modernity

I remembered the legend that a beautiful young man was turned into a daffodil flower, which for thousands of years has remained one of the most beloved, exciting and pleasing, about which legends and poems are scattered. Whether it is true or not, the narcissist had a special role in the erotic culture of Europe. European herbalists considered the daffodil flower a talisman that attracts love, and Italians - a symbol of passion. Yes, and today, donated daffodils mean a declaration of love. Although it can have a completely different meaning among different peoples, as, for example, among the ancient Greeks - it was a symbol of sorrow.

Since ancient times, narcissus has been widely used in perfumery and medicine, since some plants contain essential oil, and bulbs contain alkaloids.

It continues to be cultivated in China and in some other countries of the East to obtain essential oils, where a strong floral aroma is popular.

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A bit of botany



Narcissus (Narcissus) is a perennial bulbous plant from the amaryllis family. The native land of daffodils is the Mediterranean, but several species are found in Central Asia and China. Currently, more than 60 natural species are known, hundreds of natural varieties and hybrids, about 35,000 only registered breeding varieties and hybrids.

In order not to get confused in this large family, the International Classification of Narcissists was developed, experts have divided a huge number of forms of daffodils into 13 groups.

But, I did not expect at all that I would be able to see at the exhibition all the groups blooming at the same time, all kinds of shades and colors of flowers.

Group 1. Tubular (Trumpet). They are characterized by a single flower on a stem; the length of the flower tube is the same as or longer than the petals. The group is dominated by white and yellow flowers. Gin-and-lime-1-y-gww is a representative of this species at the exhibition. This beautiful daffodil has a lemon-colored perianth, the same color has a crown, which gradually turns into white with a green "eye".

Group 2. Large-cupped. Single flower on a stem; flower crown in length from 1/3 to full length of petals. Stadium 2 wy variety. Very beautiful, short flower with dazzling white petals and a large, round crown of bright yellow color. Early-middle flowering. Another variety is Vega 2 yo. The flower is beautiful and unique with its bright contrasts of yellow and rich orange. It appeared on sale not so long ago, but it was immediately liked by lovers of daffodils. Blooms very early.

Group 3. Small-cupped. They have a single flower on the stem; the length of the crown is not more than 1/3 of the length of the petals. Most varieties of this group are characterized by medium size plants, abundant flowering and a delicate aroma of flowers, inherited from the progenitor - the poetic narcissus (P. poeticus L).

Sabine-hay-3 yr - fabulously beautiful daffodils. They have one small flower on a peduncle, an orange perianth and an intense pink crown. Blooming later.

Group 4. Terry (Double). One of the most beautiful bands. Usually one or many flowers per stem; flower crown or whole flower is terry. The group includes varieties with double flowers from different groups, so they differ from each other in morphological characteristics. Double flowers can be of different colors, sizes and shapes. Tahiti-4-yr. The beautiful flower, known for being hidden in a private collection for many years before being put up for sale, was a huge success at the first exhibition and is now immensely popular with daffodil lovers. Medium to late bloom.

Group 5. Triandrus (Triandrus). The varieties of this group have all the characteristics of the species three-stalked daffodil (N. triandrus L). They have two or three flowers per stem.

Ice wings 5 ​​ww variety is a beautiful, bright snow-white daffodil, interesting for its large crown, blooms for a long time. It is so bright and beautiful that it is impossible to pass by and not notice!


Daffodils. Cotinga 6 wp variety

Group 6. Cyclamine (Cyclamineus). This group was obtained as a result of crossing cultural forms with the species cyclamen daffodil. They usually have a single flower on a stem that looks like a cyclamen; the petals are bent back, their long crown sometimes exceeds the length of the perianth lobes. They are characterized by very early flowering. Variety Cotinga 6 wp is a beautiful snow-white cyclamen-shaped daffodil with an apricot-pink crown on a high, strong peduncle. Early-medium flowering.

Group 7. Jonquilla. The varieties of this group were obtained from crossing with the specific daffodil Jonquilla (N. Jonquilla L) and inherited its characteristics.

They have two or three flowers on a stem, dark green leaves. Variety Suzy 7 y - r is a famous jonquilia giunchiglia daffodil with golden yellow perianths and an intense orange crown. Flowering is average.

Group 8. Tacetate, or multi-flowered (Tazetta, Bunch-flowered). Up to 20 flowers per stem; the crowns are round, the leaves are dark green. The Hugh town 8 y- o cultivar is a very beautiful flower with a modern orange crown, the peristalis is yellow.

Group 9. Poetic (Poeticus). Single flower on a stem, crown length no more than 1/3 of the petal length; the crown is flat, bright in color, the petals are white. Actaea 9 w - gyr. Perfect in its form, beautiful, poetic narcissist known to all.

Group 10. Bulbocodium Hybrids. Small flowers, bell-shaped. This new group of daffodils is still in the breeding phase and is especially popular in Australia.

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