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The Influence Of Music On Plants
The Influence Of Music On Plants

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Although I am a completely novice gardener (our beloved dacha is only two years old), I would like to share my small observations of plant life.

Somehow in the nineties I read an article in one of the popular science magazines about the influence of the sounds of music on the human body, animals and plants. I remember this article, and since I really like experimenting, I decided to conduct an experiment on my site - to grow plants to the sound of music. During the observations, the influence of loudness, frequency and melody of sound was assessed.

For the purity of the experiment, identical plants were planted in two rather distant greenhouses: in one of them, the plants listened to music, in the other, all agricultural techniques were followed, but without music. In plants, the following were recorded: the growth rate, the size of the leaf blade, the direction of the leaves or trunk, the beginning of the beginning of fruiting, the size of the fruits.

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The plants were offered various music: hard rock, Strauss waltzes, works by P.I. Tchaikovsky and Antonio Vivaldi "Seasons", violin concerts, recording "birdsong".

For two months of observations, it could be noted that:

· Heavy rock is so unbearable for plants that they tend to "escape" from the sound source, unfolding the leaf blade with an edge, deflecting branches. Some even showed a decrease in leaf turgor, they wilted.

Plants don't like strong sound either.

· The greatest response was "given out" by plants when listening to violin concerts (Bach, Rachmaninoff, etc.), birds singing and Antonio Vivaldi's works "The Four Seasons. Spring"

· Music has a beneficial effect on the immunity of plants, their ability to withstand unfavorable environmental factors and quickly recover. So, some peppers developed apical fruit rot, but after increasing the sessions of "music therapy", the disease was eliminated, new shoots set and developed fruits much faster.

During the devastating hurricanes that raged in our area last summer, the greenhouse was demolished by a squally wind, all the peppers died and it seemed that they would never rise again. The "sonicated" plants got out of this stress state much faster.

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· For "music lovers" the mass of fruits and green mass of the plants themselves, the size of the leaf blades were 20 -25% larger in comparison with the control group.

· Plants reacted surprisingly to the music they liked - some of the trunks had an inclination of about 35 degrees to the sound source.

The power of music is truly amazing!

A little about another interesting observation - about the commonwealth and sympathy of plants. Last year, onions, carrots and edible (vegetable) chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum esculenta) became very good friends with me on the same garden bed. The carrots and onions were of excellent quality, no pests touched them under the protection of a pleasant, surprisingly piquant plant, the leaves of which can be used in salad all summer long, add beautiful flower baskets to the marinade,

I wish all gardeners good luck in the new summer cottage season, and I will try to understand in more detail the interaction between music and plants (who "loves" which composers more, at what time, how often and for how long the music should be played).

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