What To Do If A Pet Escapes - 1
What To Do If A Pet Escapes - 1

Video: What To Do If A Pet Escapes - 1

Video: What To Do If A Pet Escapes - 1
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Animals tend to get lost … Some go to feats in the name of love, others are let down by hunting excitement and curiosity, and still others are frightened (for example, there are a lot of losses in the New Year, when firecrackers rumble everywhere). How to be safe and what to do if a pet is missing? Firstly, we need to prevent escapes. I repeat once again - animals from which it is not planned to produce offspring should be castrated for their own good! In addition to having one less excuse to escape, they will not suffer from abstinence-related neurotic conditions.

dog with puppy
dog with puppy

You should walk with trendy bitches separately from other dogs! You can be as puffed up as you like that, they say, a normal dog should behave quietly and unquestioningly obey the owner even at the sight of a lady who agrees, but walking with a bitch in heat separately is an elementary rule of behavior for any dog owner. Not following this rule is like writing to your neighbors in a communal apartment at night, as in that joke. Do not be surprised later if your bride is torn to pieces by loving admirers (and this can happen not only figuratively, but also in the literal sense of the word).

On the question of loving males: if someone drips next to you, and your pet is too excited, we take him for a walk on a leash and give light sedatives. This often happens in old age, and at the same time there are problems with the prostate. Then the way out is castration.

Leash and sedatives are also shown to shy animals during the New Year holidays and in some individual cases (for example, a "compaction" was arranged in the yard and piles were driven in).

Definitely a leash or a closed carrier - on the road. Being in transport, especially in public, with a large crowd of strangers is a great stress for animals, it can provoke an attempt to escape. In no case should you cross the road with your dog not on a leash! A hundred times everything can go smoothly, but for one hundred and first the dog, for one reason or another, will jerk under the wheels. Even if it does without an accident, the animal can run away from fright quite far.

Having a cat or a cat at home, it is advisable to install grids or gratings on the windows and balconies - even if the cat does not want to jump voluntarily, it can jump after the bird in excitement, or vice versa - startle from fright at some unusual loud sound on the street. Secondly, we will facilitate our potential searches. Each of the tips listed below has both a plus and a minus, so it's best to use all of them at once.

Pedigree dogs get tattoos or have chips implanted. In principle, this can be done by any animal, regardless of species and breed. Plus - enough information to find the owner, minus - not everyone who finds a loss will guess to look for a tattoo from him, and many have not heard about the chips. In addition, the chip can only be read with a special scanner, which is not available in every clinic.

Collar with tag or capsule for the address. A very handy thing, but the tags sometimes get wet, and the capsules tend to unwind, so it's a good idea to glue them with tape. Plus - they are immediately visible, you can record as much information as possible. Minus - the tag and the capsule can break, get wet, and sometimes they are simply stolen. Some time ago I had a cat named Gerund, whose owner died. He quite settled down in the house, but from time to time he strove to run away for a walk, so a bright collar and a "golden" capsule with an address were bought for him. After the first march to the left, Gerundy returned … without a collar, although at home he wore it completely calmly and never tried to take it off …

Reflective or luminous collar, bell - for avid hunters to see or hear them in the dark. My dachshund Charlie, when he gets carried away with digging a hole or chasing a rat, does not pay attention to calls, to whistles, or to the sound of my retreating steps. Considering that it is small and black, it is very difficult to see it in the dark … In this case, a luminous collar is a way out.

Thirdly, what if the pet is still missing?

First of all, don't panic!

Go out in search: first of all, look for cats under windows, in the attic, in front doors (under stairs, between staircases), basements of your own and nearest houses, dogs - in places of ordinary walks. Take your favorite treat in search, for the dog - a favorite squeaky toy. For a hike in the basements, stock up on a good flashlight and rubber boots - the pipes are leaking … The first, second and even third time you may not find your pet. Don't give up hope. A cat from fright and surprise may, even being in good health, not respond to your calls until it calms down and is thoroughly hungry. A dog has more chances to get into someone's hospitable home - they go out to people more trustingly, do not hide in secluded places, and, as a rule, are larger, and, therefore, more noticeable than a cat.

Interview everyone you meet: passers-by, mothers walking with children, peasants playing dominoes - each of them could have noticed something! Pay special attention to grandmothers! Once Charlie dug a hole in the reeds in the dark and did not deign to go out for half an hour, after which I decided that he ran to the house or returned to the place where the walk began. While I was running, looking for him around the neighborhood, he went to the bus stop (and eventually would have reached the front door, where we would have met), charmed the passengers of the bus, and the "unfortunate dog" was taken home. He went to bed that night much earlier than I did. The prodigal son was found only thanks to the grandmothers - they, unlike the pitiful couple, carefully read all the ads. The couple was caught by a harsh granny who accusingly asked: "Where did you get your dog from ?!"

If you come across local homeless people - it is advisable to talk to them as calmly and friendly as possible, even if they are drunk and impolite.

dog in the trash
dog in the trash

It's a little easier for dog lovers than for cat lovers: they have their own party and their own walking places, so neither the appearance of a new dog in the party, nor the new owner of a familiar dog will go unnoticed. Go around with your business cards both your usual places of walking, and those where you do not walk, but dog companies also gather. Print many, many ads. They will be ripped off, even if you hang them in specially designated places (and since there are few such places, there are also unauthorized ones), simply because some people get in the way … Moreover, when I was looking for Hermes, I was even sent an anonymous SMS over the Internet: "We hope that your cat will never be found!" I hope my wishes for a hemorrhoid the size of a fist overtook the anonymous hack. So what to write and where to post.

1. First large: the cat (dog) disappeared.

2. Further: when and where did the animal disappeared, species, sex, breed, age, color, special signs.

3. It is advisable to give a photograph - even a small one, even a black and white one. It's just that some letters don't catch the eye, you never know what another piece of paper is, but the look will stop on a cute dog or cat's face.

4. Promise a reward. There are people who will return your pet for no reason, but we need to involve the maximum number of people in the search! For example, even 500 rubles is a very good salary for a schoolchild. A boy is much more likely to see your dog digging in the trash heap or your cat hiding in the basement on a walk than a well-mannered neighbor in the front door. However, when they start calling you, do not forget the principle of the fitter Mechnikov "money in the evening, chairs in the morning", altering it exactly the opposite: that is, first the animal is returned to you, and then you pay a reward. Otherwise, taking advantage of your mental anguish, you may simply be bred for money. There are many good people, but bad ones have not yet died out …

5. Give the maximum number of phones: home, work, cell, neighbors 'or friends' phones (by agreement with them, of course), so that you can be reached at any time.

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