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Perennial Greenhouse And Mulch Films "Stabilen®" And "Stabilen® - Mulch"
Perennial Greenhouse And Mulch Films "Stabilen®" And "Stabilen® - Mulch"

Video: Perennial Greenhouse And Mulch Films "Stabilen®" And "Stabilen® - Mulch"

Video: Perennial Greenhouse And Mulch Films "Stabilen®" And "Stabilen® - Mulch"
Video: ecoflex® and ecovio® for biodegradable mulch film 2023, October
greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch
greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch

Stabilen® films: less effort - more yield


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Greenhouse films "Stabilen®"

greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch
greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch

Perennial films for agricultural purposes with the Stabilen® trademark, when used in greenhouse structures, allow improving the effect of the main (most vital for the growth and fruiting of plants) natural factors: light, heat and moisture.

The polymer base of Stabilen® films is polyethylene. And this choice is not accidental: films based on polyethylene are much cheaper than other polymer coatings in the presence of not inferior, and sometimes even superior performance. Therefore, polyethylene as a light-permeable covering of greenhouse structures takes a leading place in the world practice of protected ground.

With the introduction of light and thermo-stabilizing additives into a polyethylene film, the cost of the film, of course, increases, but it pays off already in the second year of operation. By taking care of the strength of the frameworks and choosing the right thickness, Stabilen® greenhouse film can be left in the winter. The dimensions of the film, ease of handling it, as well as the temperature range of application (from -70 ° C to + 90 ° C) make it possible to use it on greenhouse structures of various configurations and from any materials, including massive metal structures, practically in all regions of Russia.

Stabilen® greenhouse film has a special optical spectrum that is unique to it. In the morning and evening hours, the “smart” Stabilen® film works like an ordinary transparent plastic film, and in the midday and noon hours, when the light flux contains the highest proportion of ultraviolet that is harmful to plants, it protects the plants, simulating the spectrum like natural light filters of the surface layer plant leaves.

greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch
greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch

Thus, the plants receive double protection, and this makes it possible to use temperatures up to + 40 ° C in greenhouse structures, which naturally enhances the greenhouse effect. The result is an enhancement of photosynthesis of the aboveground part of plants and an improvement in the nutrition of their root part due to the intensification of the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Plants develop vigorously and bear fruit (increase in yield up to 25%), the taste of plant products is significantly improved. The soil and elements of the greenhouse structure accumulate additional daytime heat, and, giving it away at night (when the outside air is cooled), increase the temperature inside the greenhouses.

The use of a high-temperature (up to + 40 ° C) mode under the Stabilen® film in combination with the upper through-ventilation at the end of the greenhouses makes it possible to get rid of condensation, since overheated air will be removed from the greenhouses.

To do this, it is enough to make vents or cut holes in the shape of an inverted "P" directly in the film, leaving the upper part intact, so that if necessary (for example, for the winter, securing it with tape), they could be closed. Additional ventilation is usually not required.

Note that the Stabilen® film can be used in the usual, familiar and comfortable thermal conditions for you.

Stabilen® films retain their elasticity (and therefore strength), do not tear or crack during their entire service life. Left on greenhouse structures for the winter, our film is strengthened, its structure is leveled - it becomes like glass, does not stretch and does not form "pockets" due to excessive elasticity, thereby not creating additional stress on the elements of the frame roof. The soil in greenhouses, left for the winter under the film, is disinfected due to deep freezing. And if the greenhouse is shed abundantly in the fall, then when the ice crystals melt in the spring, you will get an additional deep loosening of the soil.

Mulch films "Stabilen® - mulch"

greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch
greenhouse and mulch films Stabilen and Stabilen - mulch

A significant positive effect on plants is exerted by the use of perennial Stabilen®-mulch film due to its effect on preservation, improving the nutrition of plant root systems and enhancing photosynthesis of their terrestrial part.

All nutrients enter plants from the soil in the form of solutions, therefore it is so important to keep the soil moist, which is facilitated by the use of film mulch. The property of Stabilen®-mulch film (due to its heat-retaining ability) to accumulate heat in the soil enhances the activity of beneficial microorganisms actively participating in the nutrition of plant root systems. Additional illumination includes part of dense leafy plants in the process of photosynthesis.

The film protects the roots of fruit, shrub, berry and other perennials from freezing, creating additional thermal insulation through the formation of a significant layer of frost from the side of the film facing the soil. Currently, the most developed application of Stabilen®-mulch film is in the cultivation of garden strawberries. They are attracted not only by the absence of weeds, the active growth of plants and high yields, but also by the safety of berries due to the lack of their contact with the soil and the development of putrefactive processes.

It is important, of course, to get rid of exhausting weeding with Stabilen®-mulch, the ability to regulate the frequency of irrigation, and to reduce the amount of fertilizer applied to the soil. …

Price-quality ratio"

In our opinion, films with the Stabilen® trademark, due to their high consumer properties and relatively low cost (an order of magnitude lower than some perennial materials for covering greenhouse structures and mulching the soil with the same service life), deserve the interest of the population engaged in the cultivation of vegetables, etc. crop production. This is especially true now, when people need to rely on their strength, and financial opportunities are very limited. In addition, our Russian developments, carried out by a highly qualified specialist (Doctor of Science in Agrophysics), who have created film materials with an optical spectrum that have a positive effect on plant growth and development, inspire confidence.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that when buying, you should pay attention to the fact that the branded film has a factory marking along the edge of the sleeve after one and a half meters - the Stabilen® trademark. Otherwise, instead of Stabilen®, you will get an outwardly similar, perhaps even light-stabilized, film that is not Stabilen® and does not possess its properties.