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Eco Heat Company - Pellets And Fuel Briquettes For Home Heating
Eco Heat Company - Pellets And Fuel Briquettes For Home Heating

Video: Eco Heat Company - Pellets And Fuel Briquettes For Home Heating

Video: Eco Heat Company - Pellets And Fuel Briquettes For Home Heating
Video: Сrash test firewood RUF briquettes 2023, October

Eco Teplo LLC - pellets and fuel briquettes for heating a country house


Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Oktyabrskaya nab., 112


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The company "Eco Heat" is the official representative in the North-West of several biofuel plants.

Fuel pellets (Pellets)
Fuel pellets (Pellets)

Fuel pellets (Pellets)

Pellets and fuel briquettes are biofuels made from wood waste. Pellets are granules obtained by pressing.

Fuel briquettes and pellets are deservedly popular as they are environmentally friendly and productive.

Their efficiency during combustion is significantly higher than that of sawdust, and during storage they do not self-ignite.

In our warehouse we always have pellets

PREMIUM with a diameter of 6 mm (ash content up to 0.5%) and

STANDART 8 mm (ash content up to 0.8%). Packing - 15kg bags.

For wholesale buyers we are ready to offer big bags weighing about 1000kg.

Pellets for export to Europe. Various options are possible, more details by phone or e-mail.

For wholesalers:in total we can provide up to 500 tons per month, we will calculate the delivery by sea vessels or by road to the point you specified. The most interesting are year-round contracts for at least 1 year.

RUF briquettes
RUF briquettes

Fuel briquettes Pini & Kay

Pini & Kay briquettes are new generation firewood!

Less garbage, less ash, more heat.

Pack of 12 pieces - 10 kg.

The size of one briquette is 65 x 65 x 250 mm.

Through hole in the center, creates additional traction. Compared to other briquettes, it has the maximum calorific value and burning time. A neat exterior gives an added benefit.

Replaces up to 8 cubic meters of regular firewood.

Ash content 1.14%. Densely compressed sawdust briquette.

chips for home heating
chips for home heating

Dry shavings, softwood

Dry softwood shavings, packed in 25 kg briquettes. The size of the briquette is 600x400x320mm. Used for bedding in cages, cages and enclosures for all types of pets. It can also be used as a fertilizer. During the production process, the shavings are not subjected to chemical treatment, but only dried in a special drying chamber

Comparative calculation of the cost of heating by different types of fuel

Produced for a house with an area of 200 m2 (ceiling height 3m) with a hot water supply system for the climatic conditions of St. Petersburg. The temperature in the room is 21 C. The average temperature of the coldest five-day period is -26 C. The heating season is 228 days. Total heat consumption for the heating season is 47.86 Gcal.

Average prices shown for 2013

8000 6503 RUB 26 100
kg 92 6.00
kg 80 5.50
5000 15953 RUB 79 800
1326000 60 RUB 96 300
6300 8257 RUB 123,900
l 92 32.00

This calculation of the cost of heating is indicative. Actual costs may differ depending on the degree of insulation and other parameters of a particular home. But, nevertheless, the ratio of costs depending on the fuel used will be exactly that.