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Wood Bleach "Aquarius"
Wood Bleach "Aquarius"

Video: Wood Bleach "Aquarius"

Video: Wood Bleach "Aquarius"
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Wood bleach "Aquarius" based on organosilicon compounds

A wooden house breathes, a tree has a remarkable ability to transmit oxygen, it is easy to sleep in such a house. This is especially noticeable after concrete buildings, so negatively affecting the health of people living in it. At the same time, everyone who decides to build a wooden house wants it to stand for a long time and serve well.

But wood is quickly exposed to the destructive effects of moisture, various types of fungi and insects. After a few months, dark spots may appear on the untreated surface.

Fungi have the most negative effect on wood, causing rotting. Rooms with humid, stagnant air (baths, cellars, attic rooms, ceilings) become especially "favorable" places for the development of fungi on wooden structures. If dark spots or blue appear on the wood, this is the first sign of decay. To save a house or a wooden product, it must be treated with a special bleach that will restore the natural color and beauty of the wood.

Wood bleach Aquarius
Wood bleach Aquarius

Bleach "Aquarius"created on the basis of organosilicon compounds (silicones), which ensures high performance, as well as the safety of human use. An example of this is various implants that are not rejected by the human body, baby silicone nipples, the safety of which has been proven all over the world, etc.

Wood is a fertile ground for the development of spores of fungi, mold and other microorganisms that get on its surface, and prevent microflora from developing, it is necessary to carry out a disinfectant treatment.

The antiseptic included in the "Aquarius" bleach perfectly cope with this task, destroying any pathogenic microorganisms and excluding their further spread. In addition, the antiseptic is not washed out with water, eliminating the need to re-treat the surface of the wood in order to further prevent the appearance of fungus and mold.

At the same time, the color of the wood is leveled and acquires a noble shade. After treatment with bleach, the color of the wood will be closer to the freshly sawn cut. Your home (fence, cellar, etc.) will regain the natural color and beauty of natural wood.

The organosilicon compounds included in the bleach determine its moisture-proof properties. After treatment with the drug, any wooden surfaces will be reliably protected from the resulting moisture and adverse environmental influences.

This feature is important for those who do not want to use artificial materials or paint to decorate the house, but decide for themselves to keep the house (bath, gazebo, etc.) in their natural beauty. Those who want to "renew" an old or darkened building with paint would like to recommend Aquarius bleach as a means to be applied before painting.

You can apply "Aquarius" in any convenient way: spray, brush, roller, etc. with small time intervals. The number of layers is determined individually, depending on the conditions in which the wooden surface is located.

All of the above, as well as the competitive price, make Vodoley bleach not only effective, but also attractive for the consumer.

The unique composition "four in one" is:

- disinfection (kills live microorganisms)

- bleaching (brightens the surface in one tone)

- antiseptic (prevents further "infection" of the tree)

- moisture protection (protects against moisture)

Important! The presence of "moisture protection" in the composition does not require immediate application of antiseptic and paint after treatment with bleach

Advantages of wood bleach "Aquarius"

- whitens and restores the color of wood without disturbing the structure

- completely destroys all types of fungi, mold, bugs and other

bio-contaminants - special waterproof, non-washable antiseptic

- ideally evens the surface in one tone before painting

- preserves the natural smell and breath of wood

- is used at all stages of wood construction

- reliably protects against moisture and decay

- universal for all types of wood

Purpose of wood bleach "Aquarius"

- for renovation of new wood

- for lightening any wood surfaces and leveling the color in one tone

- for treating surfaces infected with bugs, fungi (including white house fungus)

- before painting to increase the service life of the paintwork

Scope of wood bleach "Aquarius"

- external and internal walls of houses

- cellars

- basements

- fences

- garden furniture made of plywood, chipboard, fiberboard

- other sawn, planed, log wooden surfaces

Packaging Plastic

bottle 1L


canister 5L Polyethylene canister 10L

Manufacturer: Kaptazh company

St. Petersburg: +7 (911) 211-02-22

e-mail: [email protected]

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