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Water-protective Agent For Wood Aquarius
Water-protective Agent For Wood Aquarius

Video: Water-protective Agent For Wood Aquarius

Video: Water-protective Agent For Wood Aquarius
Video: The Aquarius: Water Bearer, Air Sign 👽 2023, March

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Means for wood "Aquarius" - antiseptic, antifungal, water protection

One of the main disadvantages of wood as a building material is its ability to absorb moisture. Well, wet wood is prone to rotting and fungal infection. In addition, damp wood significantly reduces its heat-insulating qualities, which ultimately leads to an increase in heating costs.

Heat loss, colonies of fungi and mold, poor appearance of the walls - whatever one may say, the tree must be protected. There are many means for this. First of all, these are disinfectants and antiseptic preparations that protect wood from decay.

Professionals who clearly know that it makes no sense to paint a wooden surface without preliminary protection, it will not last long, they no longer use an outdated laborious technique - the step-by-step application of an antiseptic, bleach, moisture protection, paint.

Water-protective agent for wood Aquarius
Water-protective agent for wood Aquarius

In our high-tech age, specialists have discovered and effectively use a unique in composition

domestic drug "Aquarius", which has a high degree of versatility and combines "four in one": disinfection, bleaching, antiseptic, moisture protection. Isn't it a successful attempt to kill several birds with one stone? A tool that combines these qualities significantly reduces the complexity of work - instead of several impregnations, it is enough to apply such a "complex" mixture once.

The disinfecting components included in the "Aquarius" will cope with any pathogenic microorganisms: spores of fungi, mold, wood-boring beetles, exclude their further spread, thereby guaranteeing the impossibility of the appearance of dark spots under the paint layer. The antiseptic included in the "Aquarius" is extremely resistant to water washout.

Moisture-proof components of "Aquarius" protect the surface from the resulting moisture and provide the ability to apply paintwork to a perfectly dry structure. Moreover, the treatment with a protective compound and painting does not have to be carried out simultaneously. The same burnt-out fence, which your hands can't reach, can simply be treated with "Aquarius" and it will safely wait until you have the opportunity and desire to apply paintwork, the result will not suffer, any paint will lie down perfect and will last for a long time.

Another curious way of using "Aquarius", or rather, its bleaching qualities, is practiced by traders of suburban real estate. It is simple, like everything ingenious. What sells well is the one that has the perfect appearance. Darkened by moisture and time, a nondescript country house after treatment with "Aquarius" begins to please the eye with the color of natural freshly sawn wood. Experts say that "Aquarius" is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals, therefore it is used for both external and internal work, and also proved to be excellent when used on an "old" paintwork.

In conclusion, it must be added that the treatment with "Aquarius" is effective not only for wooden walls.

Treatment with this unique composition will save facades made of brick, concrete, plaster, tiles and natural stone from dampness. Just as in the case of wood, treated surfaces acquire water-repellent properties, retain heat better in damp and cold weather, but at the same time let air through, that is, “breathe”.

In addition to all the listed advantages, "Aquarius" is easy to apply, and at a price it is several times more affordable than means of foreign production.

Advantages of the Vodoley water-protective agent for wood:

- special waterproof, non-washable antiseptic

- based on silicone, i.e. completely safe for humans

- reliably protects against moisture and decay in difficult conditions (cellars)

- preserves the natural color of wood

- preserves the natural smell and breath of wood

- is used at all stages of wood construction

- as a soil, increases the durability of the paintwork by 2 times

Purpose of the water-protective agent "Aquarius"

Water-protective agent for wood "Aquarius" is designed to protect wood from decay, mold, fungus, wood-boring insects inside and outside the premises

Scope of the water-protective agent "Aquarius"

- external and internal walls (protects against dampness, mold, mildew)

- cellars (protects boards from decay, increasing the service life several times)

- rafters (protects against condensation accumulation under the roof)

- fences (promotes perfect paint application and increases service life 3-4 times)

- cladding, partitions, gables, doors, frames, as well as other wooden surfaces exposed to moisture

Ways of applying the water-protective agent "Aquarius"

Means "Aquarius" is applied to a dry surface with a brush, roller or spray:

- directly on a wooden surface

- for painting (apply and allow to dry)

- "Aquarius" is ready for use, does not require dilution


1L polyethylene bottle,

5L polyethylene

canister, Canister polyethylene 10L

Manufacturer: Kaptazh company

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e-mail: [email protected]

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