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Waterproofing Agent For Stone And Concrete Aquarius
Waterproofing Agent For Stone And Concrete Aquarius

Video: Waterproofing Agent For Stone And Concrete Aquarius

Video: Waterproofing Agent For Stone And Concrete Aquarius
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Water repellent liquid - means for stone and concrete "Aquarius"

It is well known that heating is one of the main cost items in the operation of buildings. And to the question: "How much do you spend on heating?", The majority of Russians have one answer - "a lot!"

You can save up to 30% on heating by using special water repellents that protect our houses from cold, increase thermal insulation and preserve their appearance, ideally. In winter, in a house whose walls are treated with such a composition, the room temperature will keep on average 4-5 ° C higher, and in hot summers it will be 8-10 ° C lower than in a house with untreated walls. The effect is achieved due to the fact that the coating does not allow water to enter and accumulate in the walls, while the wall perfectly

permits air, that is, it "breathes".

In such a room it is dry and comfortable at any time of the year. The special composition protects the home not only from temperature and humidity changes, but also from ultraviolet radiation, fungi, and mold. And if a few years ago mold was perceived by us, first of all, as an aesthetic flaw, now it is no secret for anyone, mold is dangerous to health.

waterproofing agent for stone and concrete Aquarius
waterproofing agent for stone and concrete Aquarius

One of the unique drugs in this area can be called a water- repellent liquid - a water -

protective agent for the stone "Aquarius".

Developed using innovative technology, it reliably protects brick and stone walls, brick cladding, tiles made of natural or artificial materials, plaster, stucco decorations, slate roofs, as well as foundations, basements, various joints and abutments from moisture penetration and destruction. In this case, water flows down from the surface, "rolling" into balls - like mercury from a broken thermometer.

Due to the silicone included in the composition, the water-protective agent "Aquarius" actively penetrates into the porous structure of the material, solidifies in it, crystallizes, thereby preventing moisture from entering the microstructure of the product. On the one hand, "Aquarius" forms a moisture-proof film that excludes the penetration of water into the surface, on the other hand, it does not prevent the escape of water vapor, thus ensuring the removal of accumulated moisture from the wall surface (basement, roof). This property ultimately works to improve the durability and performance of the home.

The effect after applying the liquid is visually perceptible. In rainy weather, the walls treated with the water-repellent liquid "Aquarius" will remain dry and light. In addition to imparting water-repellent properties to facades and protection from destruction, "Aquarius" creates an anti-fungal and antibacterial coating and fights mold not only due to the lack of moisture, but also due to the provided antiseptic effect.

It should be noted that in addition to the water-protective agent for stone, under the Vodoley trademark, a number of products, unique in their properties, have been developed for the protection of various types of surfaces (concrete cleaner, wood bleach, water-dust-proof agent for a bath, and others). Having treated the facades and internal premises with a protective agent, after a short time we will assess how this will affect not only our family budget, but also the health of our loved ones.

Advantages of the "Aquarius" product for stone and concrete:

- savings of up to 30% on heating

- prevention of external and internal leaks

- maintenance of facades in perfect condition

- extension of the interval between repairs

- ideal ground floor wallpaper and paint

- waterproofing

- breathable surface

- economical consumption

Appointment of means "Aquarius":

- protection of buildings from water saturation (preservation of thermal insulation properties), as well as from destruction and pollution

- protection of internal walls, ceilings and floors from leaks (capillary waterproofing)

- protection of under-roof structures,

- reduction of moisture in basement walls

Scope of the means "Aquarius":

- floors, ceilings, walls - rooms, kitchens, bathrooms

- facades made of bricks, concrete, aerated concrete, foam concrete, as well as covered with tiles or natural stone

- roofing from slate and tiles, chimneys, pediments, basements

- internal walls, partitions made of tongue-and-groove slabs, aerated concrete, plasterboard

- foundations, basement parts

Manufacturer: Kaptazh company

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