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Spinning Trout
Spinning Trout

Video: Spinning Trout

Video: Spinning Trout
Video: Spinning for WILD River trout! (spring Fishing) 2023, March

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This type of fishing is a very difficult and tedious task. And always with an unpredictable result. However, despite all the difficulties, the number of spinning anglers willing to catch trout is steadily growing. Not only potential prey is very attractive, but also the hunt for it.


How and what to catch trout with a spinning rod? Let's start with the rod. There is no need for particular finickyness. Any rod with a length of 2.5-3.0 meters is quite suitable, which meets the basic requirement: it should in no case bend into an arc during wiring under the weight of a spoon or a wobbler. After all, this will not allow making a full-fledged hooking when biting.

The coil is also not essential. The main thing is that it should have an adjustable brake and reel in the line without stopping when the trout jerks. Because this fish, characterized by an exceptionally violent disposition, when caught, desperately resists and even with the slightest delay in the line is capable of breaking it. To prevent such a phenomenon, you need to put a swivel between the fishing line and the spoon. It also prevents the fish from twisting the line, reducing the likelihood of fish coming off.

The choice of lines is also very rich. True, experienced spinning anglers do not advise using braided line. The most difficult task when hunting for trout is finding a catchy bait. Most anglers believe that the best trout lure is the spinner. Others are convinced that the lure is good, and still others are convinced that trout responds best to a wobbler. However, I have been convinced from my own experience that there are no rules without exception!

It so happened that the trout ignored any "spinner" offered to her, but it was worth replacing it with a "spinner", as the bite immediately followed. And vice versa. The same is with the wobbler. Probably, it has some advantage over the spoon, since only the petal works for the spoon, and for the wobbler the whole body vibrates. But is it critical? Unknown.

For example, in muddy water in spring during floods or after heavy rain, trout are more active in catching bright baits. It is in the muddy water that the largest specimens are caught. With the clarity of the water, the trout prefers duller, not conspicuous tones. At this time, it is often possible to successfully catch with artificial fish, predominantly gray or silver in color.

In addition, it is believed that trout takes better with a spoon in summer, and with large wobblers in winter. And this is explained as follows: as you know, in winter, trout leads an inactive lifestyle, and therefore consumes little energy. This means that it makes no sense for her to waste energy chasing small fry. If you grab prey, then larger.

On my own I note: it is preferable to use a wobbler where it is impossible to throw something else into the chosen place. For example, under the branches of trees and bushes hanging over the water, since a floated wobbler often allows you to fish the most seemingly inaccessible places. Spoon can be used more effectively in strong currents.

The color of the bait is even more controversial. Here you can argue in two ways … If fishing is carried out at great depths, the trout, although it has excellent color vision, is unlikely to distinguish colors. I can testify that when I dived with a snorkel and a mask to a depth of 6 meters, the whole background there was one-color - gray-green. Hence, we can assume that a fish living in such an environment is unlikely to be interested in the color of prey. The predator is more likely to react to the nature of her movement.

It is quite another matter when fishing for trout in shallow, often knee-deep rivers and streams. Since the water in them is almost always crystal clear, the fish can not only see well, but even try on the bait. And depending on this, grab or ignore her. In a word, when choosing the color of the bait, as they say, options are possible.

However, no matter what bait you choose, even the most attractive, real success will never be achieved if you do not adhere to certain rules … There are no trifles when fishing for trout. Not only spinning, but also shoes, clothes, a basket for storing fish, landing nets - everything must correspond to the "royal" fish that you are going to catch.

And the last … As cruel as it may seem, but the caught trout must be killed immediately. And the faster the better. Since in a cramped basket, heavily damaged by hooks or injured when they are removed (which cannot be avoided, since trout is a very slippery and exceptionally nimble fish), the fish quickly falls asleep, while losing a significant part of its wonderful taste. By the way, for example, in Finland this is done immediately with a special mallet. Moreover, without any sentimentality, without fail. And no one is outraged: this is fishing.

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