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No Fish Without Fortune - Trout Fishing
No Fish Without Fortune - Trout Fishing

Video: No Fish Without Fortune - Trout Fishing

Video: No Fish Without Fortune - Trout Fishing
Video: Small Creek TROUT Fishing with Spinners 2023, March

Fishing tales

Once I had a chance to fish on a small river on the Karelian Isthmus, in which, according to the inhabitants of the nearest village: "Trout is a dime a dozen." And the river was probably called something differently, but local fishermen called it only Trout … Well, how not to be tempted?


And I went for the pestle. For some time there were no bites at all. In vain I changed the nozzles, the depth of the descent - everything is empty. And only one and a half or two kilometers later, when I got to the bend, the bites finally began. And I caught four trout pretty quickly. Since they were mere little ones, I let them go.

Slowly wandering along the shore, constantly making casts, I did not notice how I ended up in a large clearing. I looked around … About two hundred meters away, there was a small log house. Directly across from him there were footbridges in the water. I went exactly there: after all, fishing from the walkways is often very catchy. When he approached them, he even froze in amazement. To the left and right of the footbridge, a dozen trout frolicked! Contrary to expectations, they were not afraid of me, but still continued to scurry back and forth. At the sight of this wealth, with trembling hands, I planted several maggots on the hook and was just about to make a cast, when I heard behind me:

- Uncle, they don't fish here …

- Why? - I asked mechanically and, looking around, I saw a boy of about ten in a faded T-shirt and slippers on his bare feet.

- Because this fish is Stepan's grandfather. He feeds her, and therefore she is constantly here and is not afraid of anyone.

I looked in bewilderment from the boy to the trout, unable to realize what was happening: after all, I was deprived of a potential catch!

Probably guessing about my disappointment, the boy suggested:

- Come on, I'll show you the places where you can go fishing.

And he took me in the direction from which I had just come … About a hundred meters from the footbridge, he stopped and explained:

“There, you see, right in front of us, closer to the other bank, is a small breaker. There is a large rock under the water, and there is a trout near it. Throw bait around him.

I made one cast, another and only on the third I felt a sharp jerk of the fish. Hooked, and the trout, sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow, was on the shore. I made more and more casts and after a short time fished out four more fish, 200-300 grams each. Then the nibble was cut off.

“Let's go further,” the boy said, heading for the sprawling willow bush that I slipped through, hurrying to the walkway.

The bush bent over the water so much that some branches even bathed in it. The companion explained that I had to stand just above the bush downstream and throw the tackle so that the baited hook was at the bottom, just under the bush.

- How can this be done? - I doubted, looking at the continuous random interweaving of green branches and dry twigs.

- But you're going to fish for trout! - and the boy looked at me reproachfully.

In order not to lose the authority of the fisherman, I tried it on several times and nevertheless managed to throw the bait in the right place. Immediately followed by a bite, and the weighty pestle was in my hands. Unfortunately, the second time, luck turned away from me: after casting, the line got tangled in the bush. All my attempts to free her led to the fact that, pulling the line, I simultaneously pulled the branches, which, in time with my attempts, whipped on the water.

“So we went fishing…” my guide said, desperately waving his hand, and, heading towards the house, added condemningly: “Now wait - don't wait, you won't get anything for a long time.

After parting with the boy, I wandered along the shore for about an hour. However, everything is useless: such catchy places, which the boy showed me, never met. Or maybe I was looking for them in the wrong place?

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