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And The Pike Did Not Doze  An Interesting Case On Fishing
And The Pike Did Not Doze An Interesting Case On Fishing

Video: And The Pike Did Not Doze An Interesting Case On Fishing

Video: And The Pike Did Not Doze  An Interesting Case On Fishing
Video: LAST CAST River Pike A Unexpected Catch e11 Pike Fishing 2023, March

Fishing tales

I was fishing in circles on a deep forest lake in Karelia. By the evening I caught five pikes and two perches. And when the sun sank down on the jagged wall of trees on the high bank, and their long bizarre shadows lay on the water, I decided it was time to stop fishing. I hid an inflatable rubber boat in the bushes, put the catch in my backpack and moved along the coast to the path leading home. Before going deeper into the forest, out of habit, he cast a farewell glance at the mugs scattered around the lake, and immediately noticed that one of them was somehow strangely jumping over the waves. Need to check what's the matter?


He returned quickly, pumped up the boat and, vigorously rowing against the wind, went to the jumping mug. At my approach, he began to rapidly move away, going to the middle of the lake. I easily caught up with the tackle and, grabbing the line with my hand, began to select it. For three meters she walked calmly, then the one who got on the hook pulled the line sharply and began to rush from side to side. Every now and then giving slack so that the line would not break, I slowly pulled the invisible prey to the boat. When it was quite a bit before it, and I was already anticipating how I would drag a hefty pike or a weighty perch, and suddenly I was even taken aback when instead of them … I saw the head of a huge grinning water rat.

Before leaving the lake, I did not want to mess with this evil rodent, freeing up the tackle, so after a short hesitation I threw the circle into the water, deciding to take up such a disgusting trophy tomorrow. If, of course, the rat is not free by that time … The next morning I easily found all the mugs, except for one, namely the one with the water rat. No matter how much I examined the water area of the lake, I did not see it in open water.

Since the lake is sometimes visited by amateur tourists, and after them there are almost always fires, from which the banks and part of the water are littered with fallen trees. They are so intricately intertwined with roots and branches sticking out in all directions that it is extremely dangerous to approach them in an inflatable boat. Therefore, I had to get out on the shore and on foot inspect every snagged place. Finally, after an hour of fruitless searches, in a tiny bay in the crown of a half-burnt pine tree, barely protruding from the water, I noticed a white spot. I got closer and was delighted: it was my styrofoam circle that I was looking for. "Here's a bummer," I scolded myself, "yesterday I could free the tackle sitting in the boat, but today I have to go into the water."

Gently stepping on slippery trunks, where holding on to branches, where balancing knee-deep in water, I nevertheless reached the mug. The fishing line from him completely blossomed and got entangled in the branches under the water. Groping, sipping water and bumping into branch-spikes, I gradually released the line. And when, after much suffering, I managed to do it, I immediately felt the weight on the hook. At first I thought it was a hook again, but the line moved heavily, but without delay. When he pulled her to the boat, he was just dumbfounded. Instead of a water rat on the hook there was a dead pike weighing no less than two kilograms!

Such a paradox happened. Yesterday, expecting to fish a pike or perch, I caught a water rat. Today, on the contrary: I thought that I would take a water rat off the hook, but dragged out a pike. It turns out that, albeit involuntarily, I did the right thing: I didn’t take the rodent off the hook the day before. And he served as bait for the predator, which became my unexpected prey …

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