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Open Float Fishing Lesson
Open Float Fishing Lesson

Video: Open Float Fishing Lesson

Video: Open Float Fishing Lesson
Video: How To Float Fish - the easy way! 2023, March

Fishing tales

Fishing humor is common, but this narrative must be taken very seriously. This time I was going to give my companions a real open lesson so that they would never again have doubts about the genius of my fishing prowess.

At the enterprise, having heard about my vast fishing experience, not only colleagues, but also complete strangers often began to ask for partners for the next trip to the pond. This is a confirmation of the saying that a person works for an authority for some time, and then authority more than works for him.

… In this campaign, I decided to raise my authority to an unattainable height. To begin with, I suggested that two of my partners take a pen and a notebook with them. To a reasonable question: what is it for, he said that on the trip I would give them an open lesson in fishing with a float rod. In response, ironic remarks about me immediately fell down. They did not hide their distrust of my self-confident statement in the least.

On the first evening, everyone had a rather meager catch. I had nothing to brag about either. At this point, the partners piled up with their reproaches: where, they say, is your skill, teacher? I was going to give an open lesson, but in the cage itself there are only three tails … Okay, I decided, today I will survive, but tomorrow you will stutter with me.

In the morning fog, pumping up the rubber boats, we headed to the first stone ridge. At that time, not far from us all summer, there was a small seiner-refrigerator at anchor. From time to time, artel fishermen, fishing with nets, approached its board and handed over the caught fish. The seiner was almost invisible in the mist. After standing at anchor on a stone ridge and catching three roach, I told my partners that I would dig further, to the depths, and disappeared from their eyes, bypassing the seiner from the stern. Making sure that my colleagues did not see me, I began to quickly row to the seiner from the other side. Approaching, he knocked several times on its side near the window. A minute later, the red-haired, always drunk Senya, the foreman of the fish inspectors, appeared on board. We greeted each other, and then everything went on as usual. Over the side he handed me a box with a large fish that had just been delivered,and in return received a bottle of vodka. As you can see, nobody canceled barter in our legislation, even in those old days.

Having poured the fish directly to the bottom of the rubber boat, I returned the box and pushed off the side of the seiner. Having moved a considerable distance in the fog, I calmly dropped anchor and started fishing for roach.

By lunchtime, the fog cleared, and my partners, weighed their anchors, buried to the shore. I had to get ready home. I also decided that the time had come when I had to brag about the result, and at the same time start bringing up my partners.

Everything that happened next defies any description. This should be seen with your own eyes. The openly sarcastic expressions on the faces of the partners slowly turned into confused and very pathetic. There was a pile of large fish in a mess in my boat. Golden bream, decent walleye, kilo perches and plump ides bounced around, proving that the catch was fresh, just caught. They both stood rooted to the spot, alternately looking at the catch, at the bay, at me and again at the catch. They no longer had any doubts: "But really a fishing genius" - they thought about me, without admitting it aloud.

The job is done, I said to myself - this is for you, friends, science for the future. All the way back, I, pretending to be smart, wove to my poor listeners frank "noodles" about the newest fishing technique, about the frequency of oscillation of the jig, about biorhythms, about fish ecstasy and something else. My partners listened to all this fog very carefully, although they did not write it down. They didn't even stutter about distrust and sarcasm. I turned to the window and grinned for a long time; it was difficult to contain a smile, seeing their confused faces.

Here I remembered everything to them: about the open lesson, and about their distrust, and that the one who laughs last laughs well.

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