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Fishing Academy
Fishing Academy

Video: Fishing Academy

Video: Fishing Academy
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Dear fishermen of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

I am glad that we will again, albeit in absentia, regularly meet with you in our "Fishing Academy". This time the heading already known to many readers of summer cottages will appear on the pages of the popular magazine "Flora Price".


My column at different times appeared in the magazines "Dachnaya Zhizn", "Dachny Petersburg", in the newspapers "Gardener" and "Planet of Hunters and Fishermen", in other publications of our region.

In the future, dear anglers, we will have interesting conversations about many aspects of fishing. And, most importantly, together we will look for answers to the eternal question: when, where, for what and how we need to fish this very fish. We will talk about the safety of the angler on the water and on the ice. On long water trips and extreme situations on the shore, on the water and in the forest, when you are far from the settlement. We will work together to figure out why one day the fish bite uncontrollably, and the next day, in the same place, it does not bother the fisherman at all - in all the intricacies of fishing. On the pages of the magazine, we will also print fishing tales - stories about record catches, incredible stories that happened to me or heard at a fishing fire, on electric trains, on long hikes from other lovers of fishing rod or spinning. After reading this or that publication,you can agree or disagree with me - well, let's argue, send your letters addressed to me to the editorial office.

Now let me introduce myself briefly to the readers. I'm 60 years old (but I don't feel my age). Started fishing from early childhood on the Volga (upper reaches from Kalyazino to Yaroslavl). Then there were the Ural, Neman, Bug, Anon rivers (on Lake Baikal) and hundreds of other small rivers and lakes on the territory of our Motherland.

For about twenty years I have been the owner of an outboard motor boat. I walked along the Gulf of Finland, Ladoga and along the canal. Been to Svir and Ivinsky spill. Now I have switched back to rubber boats (alas, age).

An angler with even average rubber boat experience should have two or three. They should be calculated for different hikes and different water bodies. The calculation can be as follows: a hike for one day, for two or three days, or for two or three weeks, but we will talk about this with you after the end of winter.

The Karelian Isthmus, and the entire Leningrad region, is very rich in fish and favorable for fishing. You just need not to scatter, but purposefully set tasks for yourself. First of all, you need to decide what kind of fish you want to catch at the moment. We set the task and start preparing. Route Selection is the first page of the hike.

If earlier it was possible to catch trout in rivers, starting from the Mga station to Volkhovstroy, now it is better to look for it in the tributaries of the Svir. The second question after determining your route is how and what you will fish for. Determine how to fish, choose spinning rods, rods and baits. And the third question is how and where to look for and catch a specific fish. Here are the criteria you should follow before you travel. I know from my own experience that all spontaneous fishing trips often end in vain.

It's the end of December, which brings us closer to the New Year and the First Ice Age, followed by deafness.

The joy of the first ice for anglers is coming. Start without hesitating to get everything you need for winter fishing. And if there is still no ice, then take the donkey and go to the river with a fast and medium current to catch burbot at night. This exciting activity will bring you many pleasant minutes and impressions for the next week or even two, if you cannot get out on the fishing trip again.

A real fisherman senses the smell of fried burbot liver in advance, just getting on the train. Any restaurant in St. Petersburg will tell you that this dish is a delicacy.

Best regards and see you next time!

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