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Ice Fishing In March. Bottom Fishing Rod Design
Ice Fishing In March. Bottom Fishing Rod Design

Video: Ice Fishing In March. Bottom Fishing Rod Design

Video: Ice Fishing In March. Bottom Fishing Rod Design
Video: Alone In My Off Grid Paradise | Ice Fishing | Off Grid Homesteading 2023, March

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Everything flows, everything changes in our life. And above all, this can be attributed to our nature. Humanity has allocated four seasons for it and itself purely conditionally. In fact, with the Earth turning the other side to the Sun, nature goes into hibernation, and it seems that this is for a long time. But suddenly, after a while, she wakes up and revives again in all its manifestations.

This also applies to the inhabitants of our reservoirs. A sleepy fish that does not react to anything before begins to change its lifestyle. In late February - early March, the perch is no longer the same as at the beginning of winter. His desire to play with a spoon is immediately felt by his strikes on it. And the pike does not sleep in the morning either. Passing the fishermen, who have outstripped me and have been stubbornly conjuring at the holes for some time, I here and there on the ice near their feet notice the greenish silhouettes of this fish curved in an arc. Pike takes mainly in the early morning, alternating with perch.

The fishermen who go to large lakes for bream and large bream are also observing the revival of the bite. In winter, the cautious bream is more interested in a calm tackle, a fishing rod lying on the ice. But closer to spring, it may no longer be attracted by dough and porridge - ordinary winter baits. In March, give the bream a red worm, and he will not refuse a bloodworm. At this time, and with the bastard, feel free to start the game with a jig. But remember that the intense, gambling game you prefer when fishing for bass may not work here. The bastard (bream) loves calm, gentle vibrations, nods of your fishing rod. He is very shy and prefers to suck in the baited hook at the moment it freezes. To catch a borer in winter, I would advise you to tie small white jigs.

Many breeders constantly go to the same place, feeding it with a feeder, which, when leaving, can be left at the bottom of the reservoir. If you go fishing all the time, then you can put and leave 8-10 donoks on the ice. A wooden plank-reel, on which you wind 20-25 meters of fishing line (you can not line, but a strong nylon thread), is put in a plastic bag and left next to the hole, sprinkled with snow and denoting a certain landmark - a twig or a stick stuck in the snow. From the sinker lying at the bottom, the first leash with a hook number 7-8 for burbot, pike perch, bream and other fish departs. Hang a leash with a tee and live bait on the pike a meter higher from the bottom. This is the simplest donkey option.

Arriving at the place, you drill a hole next to the twig and a stick, at the end of which a bent wire is fixed, cling to the thread of your donkey. Take off the caught fish, change the bait and move on to another hole. Simple fishing technology, but it gives a great catch. After checking a dozen holes in your bucket, bream, burbot, large perches and always a couple of pikes that are tempted by your live bait are twitching, wiggling their tails. The sight of such a still life causes excitement and real fishing envy among the less successful fishermen who meet you at the bus or train stop. With a proud look and head held high, you appear near your house. Ahanya and the enthusiasm of the neighbors no longer count.

The main thing is how they welcome you at home. A splash of hands and a storm of praise, as the breadwinner of the family, or, on the contrary, the way they usually meet me: "Well, are you not tired of wandering around the water? Poor fish, there is no rest from you!" Literally like in a comedy about Shurik, who, crying, said: "I'm sorry for the bird."

And yet, you see, it's nice to hear the praise of a neighbor living in the apartment opposite: "Well done! You have delicious fish …".

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